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Versatile Shoes That Go With Many Different Outfits


There’s a very good reason why even the youngest of boys has a favourite pair of shoes — that one pair which they think of first whenever there is any need to put on shoes, whether going out with the family, going to play with some friends or just hanging around. This favourite-pair-of-shoes “syndrome” stays […] Read more…

Five Trainers You Can Actually Wear to Work!


The office dress code isn’t what it used to be. Guys everywhere have traded their wingtip brogues for trainers and it’s about time you did the same. But don’t just throw on any pair – worn-out gym trainers have no place in the office. These kicks need to have a sleek design and be expertly […] Read more…

How to keep your boots looking their best this winter


With temperatures dropping and the chilly weather setting in, winter can be the ultimate test on our favourite footwear. From rain to snow to ice, these extreme conditions can be tough on our boots, so what can we do to keep them looking great? Here are three simple ways you can make sure your footwear […] Read more…

Style it like the Cup winners 5 Super Chelsea Boots


Not only have Chelsea have taken this year’s Capital One League Cup over rivals Spurs, but their boots are flooding catwalks and high street stores across the country. They have been a premier boot make in the UK as shown here in this fab infographic from FlitFlop and here you’ll find some of the best […] Read more…

Saturday Sneakers: Fashionable Footwear for the Weekend


When you work in an office from 9-5 during the week, it is only right that you want to express your style at the weekend. Although office dress codes are rightly in place for a reason, they can feel a little restrictive, especially if you’re someone who values their style. So, on a weekend, when […] Read more…

My Perfect Christmas Season Shoes

steve shoes

  I know it’s over now, but I have to share with you the tale of my new shoes, and the importance of investing in a versatile, comfortable pair that matches different outfits for different occasions… My Great Christmas Purchase I love Christmas. As a single guy out on the town the fun to be […] Read more…

Business to the bar: Versatile pieces for every man’s wardrobe


Have a packed schedule for the week? Busy days at work followed by social events you don’t want to miss? Make your wardrobe work as hard as you do by investing in great versatile pieces that will take you from that 9 am meeting to after-work drinks. Below is a guide to help you look […] Read more…

Casual Friday? Office Wear for the Modern Man

smart casual

The one day a week where we get to cut some slack shouldn’t have to mean you come in dressing like a slob. You should take pride in the clothing you wear so try and avoid falling into any fashion pitfalls by wearing joggers and a t-shirt… remember, you aren’t at a gym so don’t […] Read more…

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