Suits and other types of formal wear may be falling out of use in the mainstream fashion of offices and other workplaces however the suit and tie does still have its uses and can help the wearer to feel more confident.

There are certain rules you must abide by and cardinal sins you must avoid to get the full benefit of a great suit though. Keep reading to find out how to avoid 4 cardinal sins of donning formal wear

Avoid Having a Large Lapel and Slim Tie

One subtle mistake that often gets overlooked is how to match your tie to your lapel size. As modern suits have taken a more slim fit style many older ties are too wide to match the aesthetic of modern suits. To avoid this make sure you pair a slim fit suit with the slim tie. If you have a more classic fitting suit you should opt for for a more traditional printed tie.

Avoid a Poorly Fitted Suit

Suits and ties are amazing. They can make you feel more confident and have been designed to accentuate the natural silhouette of a man. But you only get this benefit if the suit fits you properly. When buying ‘off the rack’ try on your suit and ensure the sleeves and trousers are not too long.

Additionally ensuring you have the right level of shoulder padding for your build will make sure you create the perfect figure.

A little bonus tip when you buy a new site is to check the venting at the back. Normally this will be stitched together and is often a fashion faux pas missed by many gentlemen. Couple your fitted suit with a classic printed tie to create the perfect outfit.

Not matching their belts to their shoes

This is a big one but is often one of the most popular sins. Having a brown belt paired with black shoes is an obvious style error but don’t think you’ll be able to get away with brown shoes if the belt is of a different shade. Some also feel you should not pair a blue suit with black dress shoes however we’ve left this one up to you. You’ve got to have some fun with your outfit after all.

Match your patterns

Patterns are fun. They let you express yourself with different styles and can make your suit more interesting. However many fail to match a patterned tie with a patterned suit.

If you have Chequered tie try to avoid a similarly Chequered suit. A good rule of thumb is to only have one item, be it suit, tie or pocket square that is a statement piece with an expressive pattern.

Find a Great Tie to Match Your Great Suit

Follow these rules and you will not go far wrong, however following style rules is only part of the puzzle. Ensuring you have a great quality suit and tie will make the difference. You can find great quality ties at James Morton Ties. Visit their site today for highly customisable neckties.

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