It’s a common belief that guys simply don’t care about interior design and are happy to go on living in their messy, stained pads. Luckily, things have changed and the modern bachelor pad is the latest trend with its immaculate flair and contemporary styles.

Even though most men don’t bother with choosing different finishes, furnishings and decorations, they are quite capable of recognising tasteful items, modern lines and trendy styles. Despite the fact that women are mostly dominant in the field of emotional, artistic and creative expression, there have been numerous men who have succeeded in careers dealing with fashion and interior design.

What men prefer style-wise is something that is rougher in form, bolder in colour and rich in texture and depth. They are aware that their living room is what will make a lasting first impression on their dates, so here are the most important aspects of its design.

The living room

It all commonly starts in the living room and bearing in mind that this is where you’ll spend most of your time, it’s worth investing money and effort in its aesthetics and appeal. Give up on the idea that all you need is an enormous flat screen TV, a big couch and a pizza delivered to your doorstep. It takes much more than that, so consider splurging on something like rich and textured wall coverings and you can save elsewhere, like pendant lights, mid-century metallic side tables and a custom made shaggy rug from backroom remnants at the local carpet shop.


Dark and rich colours are more reminiscent of a man cave, so a good way to go is to pick dark browns, reds, and a few off-white and silver details that will give the pad a more sophisticated touch. For instance, a warm bronze colour looks very strong and masculine, but it doesn’t shout. It gives elegance to the room and combines amazingly well with purple, lavender, yellow or orange details.

Blue is most men’s favourite choice of colour and it does carry certain thoughtfulness and depth, especially indigo blue. As it’s quite dark, it makes an excellent choice for one feature wall combined with gold and metallic details, such as oversized mirrors or antique picture frames. Alternatively, choosing a more neutral colour scheme on the walls and then decorating with lively decor such as photos, prints and canvases is also a popular option. If you are a superhero fan, for example, choosing Spider-Man poster prints on metal to go on a plain wall is a good way to add some personality to the room without going overboard on colours.

Furniture choices

Going with solid, chunky furniture pieces and comfortable, stylish couches is very economical, but at the same time, it gives you an option of instant makeover by adding patterned throws, blankets or colourful cushions. The same can be said of nail head details that can dress up a dull piece such as an armchair or bar stool and give it a rock-and-roll edge.

Details such as tailored upholstery are an excellent way to introduce a high-end touch of elegance and sophistication into a manly space. Such an example is the so -called “Mad Man Style” that has been in vogue since the 1960s and it’s represented by sofas with button tuffs and other elements with sleek lines, that can easily be accessorised with pillows and blankets.

Go for quality furniture as it will guarantee longevity and functionality. Therefore, stay away from soft wood and materials, and opt for hardwood pieces, antique or vintage furniture as they were designed to last longer.


After splurging on bigger and more expensive pieces of furniture, focus on smaller items as attention is evident in tasteful details and don’t be afraid to mix materials and styles. For instance, have a feature wall covered with silver and gold pinstripe wallpaper and add a brass chandelier. Mix modern and traditional elements to create your own expression, such as pairing a button-tuffed sofa with an oval glass coffee table with traditional lines. As a rustic feature, use natural elements like driftwood to create side tables.

Dress up the sofas or leather chairs with custom designed cushions made from high-end fabric that will elevate the whole piece to designer status. Add a couple of floating shelves and stack them with items of different shapes, sizes, finishes and textures and the room will always have an element of interest to the eye.


One of the quickest ways to add an extra touch of style to a room is by accessorizing the walls. A rising trend lately has been covering entire walls with either one big image or by creating a unique collage of pictures in different frames. Fitting them all together may prove a bit challenging in the beginning, but see it as a game of trial and error until you find what most pleases your eye and fits perfectly on the wall. It’s a creative and fun process of matching pieces to fit the puzzle.

Using these tips as guidelines, transforming any boring and bland guy’s room into a stylish and modern bachelor pad should be an easy, enjoyable and affordable task.


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