If you want to maintain a stylish look in 2016, then you should try out a fade hairstyle that matches your personality. The fade hairstyle has been quite popular this year but it looks like the trend is going to get much bigger in 2016. It is common to see celebrities such as Beckham sporting the hairstyle, so you can be sure that it is a popular look that will definitely get you some attention. If you have no idea where to start choosing the best fade for 2016, here are some suggestions that you may consider trying out.

  1. Regular fade

If you want to try out a fade hairstyle for the first time, you should consider having a regular fade because of its timeless look. In most cases, this classic look can be easily replicated by your local barber (like the ones at Red Deer barber) thereby giving you a chance to be part of the fade trend.

  • Smart fade

The smart fade is the best choice for business owners and industry experts that want to look stylish yet still maintain a professional image at meetings or when getting together with clients. When paired with a great looking suit, a smart fade hairstyle will ensure that you make a great impression at work or business meeting resulting in the sealing of a deal. However, it is important that the fade is done in the right way so that the final result is classy.


  • High contrast fade

This fade hairstyle looks great on younger men or those that are young at heart as it may look a bit rough than other fade hairstyles. However, sporting a high contrast fade, that is does not blend in with the skin especially at the back can make the hairstyle look great. When talking to your barber about having this type of fade done, emphasize on the need to have the hair on sides and the back looking a bit messy.

  • High and tight fade

For those looking for a fade hairstyle that requires minimum maintenance, the high and tight fade is your best bet. This particular hairstyle looks good at all times and does not require many visits to the barber. In most cases, the hair on the back of the head as well as sides is quite short, making it look neat even if a brush or comb has not been run through the hair.

  • Line fade


As more men adopt more contemporary fades as their hairstyle for the New Year, many are finding it hard to differentiate between the area where the fade starts and the longer hair on top of the head. The line fade makes a clear distinction of the two by having a razor-sharp line to separate the two resulting in an accentuated fade.

Overall, before adopting any of these fades and other men’s hairstyles it is important to find a barber that will be able to bring out the hairstyle in all its glory so that you can wear it throughout the year.

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