Being an active businessman and spending a lot of time in the office and on trips. That seriously cuts into the time that could be spent at the gym. Still, men who take pride in their appearance and prefer to stay in shape and healthy have realized there are ways to stay in shape and fit in some exercise even in an office environment. Here are five different exercises that can be done when you have a few minutes free in the office, even if you are an extremely busy man.


Chair Dips

This exercise can be done in your office or the breakroom, as long as you have access to a chair. Sit in a chair with your back straight. Then, place your hands on the arms of the chair and straighten them to lift yourself out of the chair. Then, slowly lower yourself down. This works the tricep muscles and helps strengthen the body, particularly for older people who struggle with this motion.

If you happen to be in better shape, try sliding yourself out from the chair with arms straight behind you, gripping the edge of the chair. Bend your elbows and lower yourself down, then slowly bring yourself back up until it appears as though you are sitting in the chair but you are in front of the seat of the chair.

Be sure the chair is sturdy and you will not fall out when you attempt this exercise. A secure chair is a good base for this exercise.

Arm Circles

This exercise can be done in your office or any area where you have room to fully extend your arms and move them around. Simply make your hands into loose fists, extend your arms straight and slowly make circles, starting small and making them bigger and bigger.

This exercise tones and strengthens the arm muscles.


This exercise can be done when you have room to move forward in back, such as in some open space in your office. This exercise can be effective in improving flexibility and also strengthening the lower body. Start by putting your feet together and hands on hips. Take a big step forward, drop the knee of the leg in the rear. Push off with the lead leg and return to center. You have the option of doing all reps with one leg or alternating the legs for the reps. This tightens the glutes, works the core if done properly and also tones the leg muscles.

Calf Raises

Calf raises strengthen the muscles in the lower legs. These can be done easily in your office, if you keep a step handy. The standing calf raise is done by starting on the balls of your feet while standing on the step. Put the weight on the toes, especially the big toe. Then, drop the heel as far as you can, tightening calf muscles until you feel the stretch. Then, you return to the toes, repeating for 20 reps.


This exercise is the easiest to do, if you are still flexible and able to get down on the floor. You get down flat on the floor, then balance yourself on your arms from wrists to elbows and with your weight on the toes of your body. Try to hold this position for as long as you can, timing the period you stay that way. Try to improve on the time you can hold the position each time you do this.

These activities are simple to do while on a short break in your office or between conference calls or meetings. This allows you to fit in your exercise while staying on top of all your business dealings.

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