One often overlooked part of being fashionable is what you give others, rather than just what you have or how you are. Think about that for just a second. Being fashionable involves your own fashion sense, obviously, like the clothes you wear and the activities you participate in, but there are also going to be people that pay attention to what you give others, as gifts for example, that also put you in that ‘fashionable’ category.


If you need to, think about it in the reverse direction. Can you imagine a fashionable person giving an ugly, less than useful, or distasteful gift to someone they care about for a birthday or holiday? Probably not. So to stay on the up-and-up side of the equation, consider the five following types of gifts to give, as a modern, fashionable man.

Flowers For Valentine’s Day

For all the blowback against certain Valentine’s Day gifts, flowers are always going to be classic and in fashion as a present. The trick is going to be figuring out what your valentine wants, what you want to say, and then finding the right type of flower or flower arrangement that conveys all of the emotionality in a single package. The riddle isn’t easy, but it’s always worth it to see the joy on your date’s face!

Jewelry That Makes Her Happy

In terms of fashion, jewelry is important for both men and women. But in the case of gift giving, you’re going to want to get her jewelry that she likes, more than jewelry that you like. One aspect of getting things for others that some men forget about it that the whole process is less about what the gift in question is, and more about how it feels. Browse women’s jewelry catalogs to get some ideas of what’s currently popular.

A type of jewelry that can almost always impress is the personalized type. Something that has a feeling attached to it, or a personal touch. It could be something as simple as a charm for a bracelet that reminds her of the days you’ve spent together, or a symbol that means something to the two of you. Consider gifting her a personalized name necklace or bracelet, one with either her name designed on it, or both of yours, depending on what you think she will love more.

Sensory Gifts

Sensory gifts are a huge boon when it comes to fashionable presents. And probably the most obvious sensory gift is going to be perfume. So look up the most popular perfume trends, do a bit of research on your own, and then make the decision if you can bet on your own sense of smell to pick the right one, or you’d rather have your significant other do that.

Date Night Promises

One of the more flexibly fashionable gifts you can give your lover are some type of date night promises. Especially further on in relationships, giving your significant other a way to force you to remember that you promised dinner and a movie is a good way to put checks and balances in place.

Focused Time and Attention

And finally, in a world of a million distractions, one of the best things that you can give as a gift is your time and attention. And as strange as it sounds, sometimes all this means is that you need to put your phone away for a few hours and really just have a real conversation – now that, is a real gift!

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