Getting a gift for a loved one is not always so easy, even when you know what they love. There are websites that help you come up with ideas of gifts for men, but when the man you’re shopping for has very specific interests, you may need a little more help. This is especially true you need a gift for a classic car enthusiast… You know they love classic cars but short of getting Classic Car Repair for them, what sort of gift can you get them that will totally knock them off their feet? Well, look no further and check out this list of five great gift ideas for the classic car enthusiast:


1) Jaguar E-Type Cufflinks

The Jaguar E-Type Cufflinks are sure to add a touch of unusual elegance to your loved one’s wardrobe. The Jaguar E-type, specifically the 1963 edition was one of the most popular and iconic sports cars of the 1960s: it was even voted as the number one most beautiful cars of that era by Daily Telegraph readers, in a reader poll.

These Jaguar Cufflinks, capture the timeless appeal of the elegant, high-performing, beautiful and one of a kind Jaguar 1963 E-Type. They would, therefore, make a much appreciated and great gift for a classic car enthusiast.

2) Tin Auto Signs

Tin auto signs make a one of a kind gift. Such a sign captures the nostalgia of a much-treasured and bygone era. Popular gift options include customizing a tin auto sign with imagery of a classic of choice, or with the car logo.

3) Vintage Automotive Books

Any classic car enthusiast who is truly passionate about his/her classic cars will love vintage automotive books. There is a historical and cultural significance that is associated with these types of books, which include classic car manuals, encyclopedias of classic cars and even promotional pamphlets. Vintage automotive books can help readers “walk” or visualize the path of the automotive industry from its birth to its maturity, or to follow the career path of the classic race car drivers. A few examples of these books include Zip Saunders, King of the Speedway by Rex Loomis and The Romance of Motoring by T.C. Bridges, among others. A good sampling of these books can be found at

4) The Ferrari 250 GTO Cufflinks

Another iconic car of the 1960s was the 1964 Ferrari 250 GTO. In fact, this edition of the classic Ferrari car is a much sought after car, and mostly auctioned for millions of dollars to the highest bidder, largely because only 39 of these cars were ever produced. Therefore, if you cannot get a real 250 GTO Ferrari, an elegant and thoughtful alternative gift for your loved one would be a set of these handcrafted, sterling silver, Ferrari cufflinks.

5) The Art of the Classic Car Coffee Table Book

The Art of the Classic Car is a perfect book to give as a gift for your favorite car enthusiast. This publication contains 224 pages of illustration of some of the most significant and lavish classic cars from the 1910s to the early 1940s. The photography is stunning, and the content is highly informative and entertaining.

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