The introduction of sports luxe means that your gymwear collection needs to be bigger than ever and needs an upheaval as often as your regular wardrobe. For men this can be an unfamiliar situation, but this article aims to guide you through the trends for the remainder of this year.


Casual vest

As gym wear becomes as much as a fashion accessory as something practical, it has been hit with the retro cycle. This summer casual mens gym vests have resurrected after a couple of decades away. In years gone by these have been exclusively for heavy lifters and body builders to show off their inflated arms, but they are now essential for everyone. Jonah Hill was recently ‘papped’ sporting one with during his remarkable transformation from Hollywood’s larger than life actor, to well-groomed gent. Pair them with shorts, or have them underneath a jacket for a relaxed evening.

Short shorts

Who likes short shorts? Well, designers and gym goers apparently. As the blend between fashion and gymwear increases, you can certainly see the parallels when it comes to shorter shorts. Gym joggers are disappearing, and in their place are comfy and practical shorts. Just make sure you don’t avoid leg day, otherwise it will be obvious to everyone.

Old school Hoodies

Arguably more casual than essential gym wear, but zipped hoodies are making their way into the gym and sports luxe lines. But revolutions in the technical construction of the clothing, means that sports brands are offering lightweight alternatives to the casual design, that are better fitting and ideal for use around the gym. Perfect for wearing both on the way or way out of the gym, or even a light cardio session.

Muscle fitting t-shirts

Getting your top right is essential, as it is where you are likely to be sweating most. Breathable material makes a tighter t-shirt a great way to stay humble about your muscles and keeping you cool as you push harder. As a good alternative to the vest, sports luxe t-shirts are giving the gym an urban luxury taste that showcases class.


Socks are becoming an old irrelevance to society, and the gym is moving on with this trend by offering more comfortable and lighter footwear that won’t require wearing socks. The only problem is keeping these from smelling, and while throwing sneakers in the washing machine isn’t the best idea, you may need some spray to keep them fresh.

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