These days, men are becoming more open to trying out new skincare and hair care products. Men want to look and feel good just as much as women do, and in recent years, it has become easier and more acceptable for men to explore different products that can help them do that. Here are a few hair and body essentials that every well-groomed man should have in his medicine cabinet or bathroom shelf.

A Well-Formulated Razor Bump Cream

Anyone who shaves regularly can tell you that razor bumps can be a nightmare to deal with. Not only do they look unsightly—they are often mistaken for pimples—but they can also feel sore and uncomfortable, and when left untreated, can develop into permanent scars. If you regularly shave, it’s important for you to stock up on a good razor bump treatment and choose the best razor. Frederick Benjamin, a men’s grooming product line, makes an excellent one which you can shop here:

This well-formulated razor bump treatment makes use of natural ingredients and prescriptive actives, and has been clinically proven to soothe and heal skin in as little as 14 days! Of course, a proper shaving technique and the right tools will go a long way towards preventing razor bumps from forming at all in the first place, so it’s worth brushing up on your shaving game as well.

An Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

It’s no secret that men are prone to hair loss, and if male pattern baldness runs in your family, it can be especially nerve-wracking to find lots of strands of hair left behind in the shower. This great color-safe shampoo gets to the root of male pattern baldness and uses several different plant oils to effectively cleanse your scalp while giving your hair volume.

A Hydrating Styling Cream

Styling products can be notoriously damaging to your scalp and hair. The trick is to find a product that will effectively hold your hairstyle throughout the day, while nourishing your hair at the same time. This Daily Hydrator Styling Crème is another stellar product from Frederick Benjamin, and provides a lightweight, grease-free hydration to your hair while giving it a light to medium hold.

An Invigorating Shower Gel

Shower gels are less likely to disrupt your natural skin barrier than bar soaps, making them a better option for cleansing your body. The Baxter of California Invigorating Body Wash features skin softening ingredients that cleanse and hydrate your skin while protecting it from dirt and pollutants. Its invigorating scent makes it a great product for getting rid of post-workout body odors.

A Trusted Sunscreen

Absolutely everyone should wear sunscreen every day, as the sun’s harmful UV rays could cause a whole bunch of problems ranging from sunburn to skin cancer. Kiehl’s has long been a trusted brand when it comes to skincare, and their Broad Spectrum Sunscreen will ensure that you are protected against both UVA and UVB rays. This formula works especially well for dry skin, and will keep your face feeling extra smooth and supple.

Great products for your hair and body don’t need to break the bank, nor do you have to spend hours in the bathroom laboring through a 12-step skincare routine to look good and well-groomed. Stock up on a few well-made essentials, and with consistent use, your hair and skin will soon be in their best condition.

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