Dads are notoriously difficult to buy presents for, whether it’s a birthday present, Christmas treat or Father’s Day gift you’re looking for. Let’s face it, either they don’t want anything, or if they do they’d be much happier buying it themselves. But when Dad’s 50th is approaching, you have no choice: a Really Nice Present needs to be sourced, suitably wrapped and given with love. He is, after all, the main man and should be celebrated as such.


What makes life even more difficult is that not just any old gift will do. Forget about the bottle of whisky, the novelty tie and the latest autobiography of some famous achiever. For Dad’s half-century, you need to push the boat out.

Of course, every father is different. Yours may be a teetotaller, or an avid birdwatcher, or a vegan cross country runner! We’ve had a good look around to see what’s out there in terms of suitable presents – and here’s our shortlist of the 5 best presents we could find.

  1. He may or may not already be a Mercedes driver, but wouldn’t he love to take an AMG round a race track and channel his inner Lewis Hamilton (or Nigel Mansell, more like)? Mercedes Benz World in Weybridge, Surrey have a range of thrilling driving experiences that can be booked in advance or given as a gift voucher. Take the family, make a day of it – there are several Mercedes displays, entertainments and the famous Brooklands Museum
  2. If your Dad is a golfer, he may appreciate a handheld GPS or a golf watch to help him navigate round the golf course while getting a wealth of accurate information in a sexy little gadget. It’s sat nav for the golf course with no shortage of products to choose from. The Golf Buddy PT4 Handheld GPS has a high res LCD capacitive touch screen and comes preloaded with more than 37,000 global courses. This GAME Golf Shot Tracking System may even improve his game…
  3. How’s your Dad’s taste in music? Madonna or Bruce Springsteen I bet he keeps wanging on about record shops and his favourite LPs. If he still has them (and even if he hasn’t – vinyl shops are popping up everywhere now!), why not treat him to a vinyl player? This Pioneer PL30 or Audio Technical AT-LP5 turntable will take him right back to his youth. Combine with a vintage record of The Cure, or Pet Shop Boys, and you’re onto a winner.
  1. Do you think he might enjoy the proverbial in a brewery? In which case, why don’t you let him be an expert for a day and learn to brew his own beer? Brewery Days are available in breweries up and down the country, so there’s bound to be one near you. Alternatively, why not combine it with a weekend away? Here’s one in Scotland he might like…
  2. Something happens to people when they turn 50. Whether you can call it a midlife crisis or just the realisation that age is advancing faster than realised, it’s often a kick up the backside to get in shape. If this is where your father is heading, why not get him a fitness tracker to help with motivation? The Fitbit HR is a cool heart rate monitor with a shedload of tracking features, while this Withings Activite has all the features and traditional styling of an expensive gents’ watch.

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