It is not only women, but also men strive to make them look smart and young. The foremost thing they consider to make themselves look good is to have a clean face. Although there are many techniques and ways one can adapt to look sharp, the simplest method is to clean your face without unwanted hairs.


Who may not want to admire masculine of a man with his clean and sharp look?

Certainly, every girl and woman would admire a man with such a handsome look.

As the first thing a man would do is to clean shave his face. Gillette, the world renowned product available at all stores takes the pride being a part of making every man looks sharp and smart.

Here are 5 tips to keep you looking sharp and smart:

  1. Thinking about the lady brows – Then stop that right away!

Never think about lady brows, as they are not for men. It is very imperative to consider this element, and remember to maintain masculine. However, you can still spruce up unruly pair with eyebrow brush swept after your shower. This will help to keep the hairs in their place without grooming. To say, you can still use the toothbrush, which will work well on it.

  1. Growing a beard:

Now it’s a common trend. If you love to wear something more manliness, consider having a beard, although it will completely depend on your choice. There are hundreds of popular beard styles out there. But we prefer a stubble one.

You can use a stubble beard guide like this to completely understand how it works and when can you get one.

  1. Try to use oiled machine

This will be another technique, yet you can follow to shave. There is pre-shave oil available at stores, which you can use it. This oil can smooth bearded area and soften whiskers, while making your skin smooth. Especially, it helps getting good and clean shaved in your neck region.

  1. Try to use straight razor:

Another important thing you need to consider is to use the straight razor while shaving.  Learning to use the straight razor can help you to look good and get the feel of looking like an old-fashioned man’s man. This can also save you money. Gillette offers some latest tech razors making the shaving process easier. Although, this is a bit daunting, this can give you clean and closest shave. This is also greener. Try to avoid razor bumps and get disposables.

  1. Use moisturizers:

The serum or the moisturizers can be another best choice to use for shaving. The serums will contain vitamins and antioxidants. They are also rich elixirs, which can be worn under moisturizer. You can mix the serum into daily moisturizer or with the sunscreen for your regular usage.

Besides these tips to keep you look smart, sharp and young, there are also many things to be considered such as, regular haircuts, trimming of your facial hair, dressing handsome and many more.

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