When it comes to perfecting your street style, the right accessories can make a world of difference to attire. A simple pair of old-school sneakers or a pork pie hat can instantly add some pizzazz to an otherwise boring outfit, taking it from “meh” to Instagram-worthy in a flash.

If you’re new to the accessories game, finding the right pairings for your outfit can seem daunting. But don’t sweat it too much. The beauty of modern street style is that there are few-if any-rules.

Unlike corporate or business-casual attire, you aren’t restricted to simple cufflinks or nondescript leather belts. If you want to draw attention with a bold and funky pair of socks or opt for a functional aesthetic with a canvas backpack, that’s all up to you. Your streetwear attire has no boundaries, so why not show off a hint of your personality with your accessories?

If you’re ready to take your street style to the next level, read on for some of the best accessories that will nudge you in the right direction.

  1. Tinted Shade Sunglasses

Street style is all about giving off effortlessly cool vibes. What’s the easiest way to nail this look? With a pair of striking sunnies, of course.

From aviators to octagonal designs, a pair of tinted shade sunglasses can spice up your look while reducing glare. Channel your inner Justin Theroux with a pair of classic aviators with a brown tint, or take a style tip from Robert Downey Jr. and opt for tinted shades in blue or red. Most people tend to choose aviators as their personal favorite, so it might be worth visiting a website like https://www.randolphusa.com/collections/aviator-best-sellers to get some aviators to improve your street style.

Although it’s difficult to go wrong with sunglasses, it helps to find a pair that works with your face shape. Keep in mind that while round lenses are on-trend at the moment, some designs can potentially accentuate an already-round face. Also, remember the cardinal rule: never wear sunnies inside.

  1. Retro Sneakers

Nothing can make or break your street style more than your footwear. From classic white kicks to lace-up high-tops, retro sneakers are a must-have at the moment.

If you want to fit into the crowd, opt for a pair of old-school sneakers such as plimsoll or canvas sneakers. Versatile and timeless, both types of shoe will fit into any wardrobe with ease.

For men who are feeling slightly bolder, consider a pair of retro suede sneakers from New Balance. Despite being a sportswear company, New Balance has firmly entrenched itself in the streetwear trend.

Skip their 574 model-everyone has those now-and grab a pair of their new 997H model instead. A modernized version of their original 997 sneaker, the New Balance 997H continues to fuel the dad sneaker trend with its classic silhouette while adding fun pops of color.

  1. Canvas Backpack

For guys who enjoy blending fashion and functionality, canvas backpacks are the ultimate streetwear accessory. Their true power is in their versatility. They can give off military vibes with shades of green and tan or feature rebellious, brushed-on prints to give your street style some edge.

Canvas backpacks are also inherently preppy, allowing them to blend in at your 9-5 and then easily transition to streetwear after work. If you aren’t bold enough to rock a cross-body bag (aka, a man purse), the canvas backpack is a useful and stylish alternative.

  1. Vape Chain

If you enjoy vaping, good news-vaping fits right at home with street fashion. We’re not talking about the simple act of vaping (although, that can arguably fit the aesthetic you’re going for), but rather how you wear your vape.

Lately, cloud chasers have been flaunting their personal style by wearing vapes with trendy designs in various ways. For instance, wearing your Mi Pod vaporizer on a gold chain can instantly enhance your street style.

Although it’s not exactly jewelry, the style does act as bling in a way. Whether your style is more on the gentlemanly side or you prefer an edgy, all-black ensemble, many vape devices can now double as a fashion accessory.

Of course, this fashion accessory is only ideal for those who already vape or for people who are trying to quit smoking. It doesn’t make any sense to wear a vape if you aren’t an actual vaper.

  1. Bucket Hat

A lot of guys shy away from wearing headwear that isn’t a beanie or baseball hat in fear of looking dorky. Although looking silly is a valid concern, fashion is all about taking a few risks.

In fact, accessories are the perfect opportunity to take a small risk. Why not try sporting a trendy bucket hat? If you lose your nerve, you can always slip it off and sneak it back into your canvas backpack.

From Russel Westbrook to Lewis Hamilton, many a stylish man in Hollywood has sported the bucket hat. Just keep in mind that the best bucket hats for men are ones that aren’t too out there. Case in point: the time former Trump campaign advisor Carter Page stepped out wearing a bright red bucket hat with the brim flipped up.

  1. Minimalistic Watch

Watches are the perfect introductory streetwear accessory because they can blend seamlessly between workwear and streetwear. They also serve as a good way to introduce jewelry for many guys who are hesitant to sport the bling.

When it comes to finding the right wristwatch, it all depends on your personal sense of style. Currently, minimalistic wristwatches are all the rage, due to the fact that they can be worn with a classy suit or a simple pair of blue jeans.

  1. Rope Bracelet

A lot of men aren’t comfortable wearing jewelry. Although we understand the hesitation, men’s jewelry can give your street style an undeniable cool factor that is sure to draw at least a few admiring looks.

If you’re willing to dip into the world of men’s jewelry, rope bracelets are an easy way to start. Rope bracelets are super casual and add a nice, finishing touch to your streetwear. In fact, some rope bracelets can even dress down a suit and fit right in at summertime weddings.

The Finishing Touches to Your Streetwear

Accessories are essential to every man’s outfit, from his street style to his business attire. But unlike business attire, the rules of men’s streetwear are far more relaxed. Have fun with your accessories and don’t take things too seriously. After all, the entire point of fashion is to express your individuality exactly how you see fit.

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