There’s something about decorating your bachelor pad which inherently affirms your independence, however short-lived that independence may be. When you’re filling up your interior space with complete freedom you have full authority to fully represent your unique character without any restrictions whatsoever. Whether you’re an ultra modern minimalist who doesn’t want to worry too much about having to occasionally clean everything, or indeed if you’re looking to radiate some of your own classic charm and character, you can definitely furnish your bachelor pad interior spaces without breaking the bank.


Focus on the bare essentials

As much as you want your interior living space to feel like it is indeed your home – your sanctuary, what distinctively sets a bachelor pad apart from any other interior space is that sense of freedom and that “I can always come back and do this later” ambience generated by the manner in which everything is arranged. Bachelor pads are as much about functionality and comfort as they are about fun, but the comfort and functionality is essentially just for one person, and that is you. If friends stay over they must feel as if their sleeping arrangements are really only temporary and so they mustn’t get too comfortable. The bare essentials of your bachelor pad include functional furniture pieces and appliances which are really designed for quick use, which makes them just as quick and easy to clean and perhaps put away as well. If these are too much of an investment for you, look for furniture and appliances for rent (check this washer rental, for example).

So where someone else’s interior space would have something like a cascading, dramatic chandelier, your funkier bachelor pad would have a selection of more functional ceiling or wall lights. To get the perfect lighting in your pad you will need to hire the right company for the job. By researching into different electrician services, such as at, you will soon have the lighting you desire! The same goes for something like couches. The expensive leather couches which carry a lifetime guarantee can wait for when your relationship with your significant other is getting serious to the point where her nesting instincts prove way too strong to overcome.

Until then though, it’s really okay to hang up a blown-up picture of yourself in the living room, while your seating requirements are taken care of by a couple of beanbags or those loungers which can double-up as garden chairs. A blow-up hot tub really isn’t a bad idea either – after all, you only have your own interests to look out for at this stage in your life. Something like a blow-up hot tub makes that sort of entertainment really affordable too because you don’t have to spend a lot of money getting a contractor to come and install a permanent one, which is something that would come with added costs such as having to bring in a plumber to connect the required piping and perhaps an electrician as well to sort out the required electrical wiring. You can find the perfect electrician for your needs here.

But there are so many other things that you can do to help improve the overall look and design of your bachelor pad, as this is your chance to incorporate anything you wish. You can have a good look at Oldrids for some bachelor pad decoration inspiration, but remember that you really can operate right at the edge of comfort and functionality. As much as you want your bachelor pad to be comfortable, since it is your home after all, now is the time to legitimately go more for style than anything else.

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