Working from home has numerous upsides, but productivity can be an issue. It goes without saying that a speedy internet connection and a powerful machine are prerequisites for a functional home office, but what else is worth spending your penny on? If you shell out on the items from this list, it’s highly likely you’ll see a surge in your productivity.

Functional air conditioning

Genius is one per cent inspiration and ninety-nine per cent perspiration. But not literally! If your home office isn’t well conditioned, your productivity and results will undoubtedly slump. Getting a small unit just for your office is your best bet and you can find HVAC experts at this website: You’ll be able to control the office temperature without independently from the rest of the home. You also won’t have to keep the door open to get a breeze of cool air from the living room AC. If you think that getting a beefy AC unit for the whole home makes more sense than zoning your home office out, check out this explanation on why the right size of your AC matters.

Practical lamp

Your eyes are your tools – in a way. Constantly working in poor light can put considerable strain on your eyes leading to symptoms of computer vision. In addition to having some general overhead lighting and maybe some accent lighting, get a quality table lamp for task lighting. What’s important is that you get a lamp with a stable base and one which can be effortlessly articulated, as well as folded away when not needed. LED lights will also keep your desktop from heating up.

Good internet

Is there anything more distracting than internet that can’t keep up with the demands you’re placing on it? The slow, spinning wheel of doom that gives you the opportunity to pull out your phone, or make a hot drink, or do just about anything other than work. Then, before you know it, twenty minutes have passed and you still haven’t sent that email you were meant to. Therefore, to avoid distraction opportunities like slow speeds or lagging, it’s important that you find a digital provider that can keep up with the demand of remote working, such as can be found at

Quality chair

Unless you have a standing desk, or even if you do, you should set aside a budget for a high-quality office chair. It will make a world of difference to your day, and to your back. If your job is sedentary, we don’t need to elaborate on how important it is to look after your back. Not only will a cozy chair keep the menacing back pain away, it’s also quite possible it’ll be easier to get in the flow.

Writable wall

Whiteboards are a thing of the past. Too reminiscent of corporate spaces, cubicles and school. Paint a wall in your home office with dry-erase paint and don’t limit your notes to the confines of a whiteboard or worse – a corkboard. It’s elegant, simple and fresh. Alternatively, glass markerboards are also a fresher way to make notes rather than a plain whiteboard. If you like the idea of this, look into marker board cost as the first step towards transforming your boring notes into creative ones!

Message lightbox

Have you tried writing down a motto or an empowering message and leaving it somewhere in your field of vision for motivation? It can be a very effective way of keeping your eye on the goal constantly – which is important whatever your job is. If you have tried this method, you may have noticed that the effect wears down pretty quickly as you get used to the sight of the message. With a lightbox, whatever you write down will have more prominence, with two additional benefits. It’s a cool gadget and it can double as accent light. Not that a lightbox is a life-changing gadget, but if you are already working from home, why not do it like a boss?

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