Clothes are an expression of style, naturally. Did you know, however, that you can use your mobile phone in different ways to help you to express that style? With this information, it’s your duty as a fashionista now to make your mobile phone count. There are two ways to do it: by using fashion apps on your mobile to boost your own look, and by incorporating your phone into your own expression of style.

Here are some of the best apps, and how you can make your phone a part of your wardrobe.

Cool Guy

The Cool Guy app is free and available on Apple and Android devices, and it really lives up to its name. This handy app allows you to create your own outfits, helps you to pack correctly — as in ‘stylishly’ — for trips and also to browse through your own wardrobe to invent new looks. You can also view curated content in the news section, and in the shopping section you can add items to your wish list and see when they go on sale.


Perfect for the single guy who is clueless about which clothes go together, you’ll find this app available on iTunes at £2.49, a small price to pay for achieving the pinnacle of style. If you’re thinking of refreshing your wardrobe because it’s all becoming a bit cluttered, the app will provide you with ‘style stats’ so you see which pieces of clothing you wear most or least often, making the clear out easier when it comes to parting with clothing.

Men’s Hairstyles

Thinking of changing your hairstyle but you’re feeling uneasy about going through with it? Before you let the barber loose on your barnet, get a sneak preview of how it might look, with the Men’s Hairstyles app on iTunes. For just £0.69, you can browse through a range of hairstyles and, with the help of some simple photo editing tools, apply them to your picture for an idea of how the new style will look on you. The app also lets you share the results with friend and family, so you can get their opinion (and confirmation you’re making the right decision!).


Dash Hudson

You know how you’ll hear a song on the radio and like it but not know the title or who sings it, so you can’t download it? Well, this app is a little like that, but in a fashion sense, solving clothes dilemmas for you. Dash Hudson will draw in some of the best looks on Instagram and, very cleverly, work out where each item was purchased. If you particularly like a certain jacket, pair of shoes or other stylish item, you don’t have to scour the Net, trying to find out what it’s called, where it’s from, etc. The app does the sleuthing for you.

Headquarter the Fifth

Use this app to help you fill out your wardrobe and to guide you on the clothes that will match each other. This app isn’t just all about the clothes, it’s about efficiency too. As a lifestyle app, you’ll be able to seek out the best restaurants and bars. You can also share photos. You’ll look the business and go about your business in style with it.

Making a style statement with your phone

As mentioned, your phone is on view nearly all the time, so you’re also making a personal statement with it. Make it a good one with a phone that matches your daily requirements but also looks the part at the same time. You can get deals on revolutionary phones like the iPhone 6s, which are reliable but let everyone around you know you follow the times. Browse through them, see which options are available and choose the right one for you.

The other way to make your style statement isn’t just about the phone itself, but how you present it to the outside world. Opt for an elegant case or cover that conveys the sense that you’re a professional, or go for something quirkier that might expresses your own values or take on life. Whichever you choose, your phone is a way for you to get noticed.


Images by carbon NYC (in SF!), vanessa_hudt and Janitors, used under Creative Commons license

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