Jewelry is commonly associated with women in western civilization, there’s no question about it. But can men also partake in this tradition and avoid judgment and puzzled looks? It is all in the perception of the said person. With the right style and outlook, wearing jewelry as a man can become not only commonplace but also seemingly necessary.

What Do You Want to Say?

Every piece of jewelry should make a statement. Before you start buying and wearing jewelry, make sure that you know what you are saying with it. Men’s wedding bands are typically unimpressive gold or silver bands, but they speak volumes. Similarly, class rings, military service pins, and other instantly recognizable jewelry give away a lot of information about who you are to those in the know. Men will often enthusiastically look these up to find the perfect ring that matches their university or school, and showcase the logo and graduation class proudly on their class rings. A bunch of students graduating together may get custom rings and other jewelry designed for the D-Day, which can act as an heirloom for years to come. Those serving or having served in the military wear their pins as a badge of honor. So such jewelry often has a certain value attached to it.

Anyone can put on a bunch of jewelry, but it will not look good if you don’t organize it properly. It takes real class and knowledge to be able to successfully pull it off. Some items can be everyday wear, whereas others should really be kept for special occasions.

Less Is More

This mantra has been used over and over in fashion, and for a good reason. Imagine a successful man. How many pieces of jewelry do you see on him; one-two or two dozen? Jewelry should complement and match your outfit, not outshine it.

Match the colors

If you are wearing more than one jewelry item, make sure you successfully match their colors. Men’s jewelry is almost exclusively metal, so be sure you know what different metals and colors mean.

  • Gold – it has a warm color, so it goes well with brown and earthy tones, but it complements colors like royal blue. When buying gold, make sure that the items you are buying are similar tones, since gold comes in many varieties.
  • Silver and other silvery metals – they are fairly neutral when it comes to matching them to the outfit. Silver, platinum, and stainless steel are the most common metals in this color palate. They go best with black clothing for maximum contrast and a sense of class.
  • Copper – its orange color makes it much more conspicuous, so they typically go with more casual outfits.
  • Natural materials – wood, leather, and bone are becoming a trend for men, but you should be careful when wearing them in a formal setting.


Watches are not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about jewelry, but when you think about it, they do serve a decorative purpose apart from their functionality. If you don’t own a quality watch, it’s high time you bought one. Consult this article before you rush to buy just any expensive watch. Ideally, a man should have several watches, in various styles, but at least one of them should be an expensive, eye-catching timepiece. However, there are many fashion enthusiasts who do not care about purchasing expensive watches. Though the reason is still unclear, it can be assumed that they ignore this option due to the price. The one thing that they fail to understand is, an expensive watch can be an excellent investment option, which can be sold again. There are few more reasons why one should purchase an expensive watch. To read them, interested parties can search for websites like



The wedding band notwithstanding, a man’s ring should not be the first thing someone notices. In the USA, men rarely wear more than their wedding rings, but in most European countries people are more relaxed about this kind of display of wealth or belonging.


In more conservative communities, this kind of accessory is frowned upon on a man, but in bigger cities, they are largely accepted as normal. Studs are more common than other types, and they are a rare example of a piece of jewelry where a gemstone is acceptable for a man. When it comes to other piercings, they are still not as widely accepted, and may be considered irresponsible and childish.

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