Looking stylish and fashionable every day can be a bit tricky but not impossible. What you need to do is just upgrade your own menswear closet. Why should you get confused when the celebrity stylish men’s fashion and style guide is being unearthed here?

Expert’s Style Guide-

Whether it is your shirt, jacket, bottom or accessories, everything should be perfect to achieve the “fashionable” look. You would not get confused if you hold profound knowledge about the ongoing types of all important categories. Let’s do check –

  • Shirts That Should Be In Your Closet – The discussion should start with shirts as this is the first thing come up in mind while talking about men’s fashion. First, you should know the types of shirts in order to get over the confusion which one you should pick according to the occasion. The prominent types are –
    • Oxford Button-Down Shirt
    • Dress Shirt
    • Cuban Collar Short Sleeve Shirt
    • Overshirt
    • Flannel Shirt
    • Office Shirt
    • Chambray
    • Classic Short Sleeve Shirt
    • Denim Shirt
    • Linen Shirt

You would always look fashionable if you are having all these above mentioned shirts in your wardrobe. Make sure that your shirt’s fitting should be perfect including collar, sleeves, shoulders, chest and length, so that you would look amazing whenever wear them.

  • Stylish Jackets That You Can Wear All Year Round – You can enhance your look by carrying stylish jackets. According to the celebrity stylists, you can go with these exquisite and fashionable jackets
    • The Varsity Jacket
    • Bomber Jacket
    • Field Jacket
    • Down Gilet Jacket
    • The Coach Jacket
    • Technical Jacket
    • Trucker Jacket
    • Biker Jacket
    • Suede Jacket
    • Harrington Jacket
  • What About The Bottom To Accomplish Your Look – Generally, pleated pants are carried by men of all ages as it holds classical style with itself. But now, there are so many other stylish options available in Menswear bottom category.
  • Flat Front Pants – we should be thankful for men’s designer clothes for introducing the modern style flat front pants which go excellently with men having slim legs.
  • Casual Pants – It covers jeans and denim and they are available in a myriad of variety, size, shape, and shade. Buy the right one considering your body type.
  • Cargo Pants – Men who are passionate about an adventure should always add stylish cargo pants to their collection. To purchase some more, it might be worth looking online for cargo pants for men. They are likely to have a better variety online.
  • Chinos or khakis – And the next on the list are Chinos and Khakis manufactured using the twill fabric. There are two varieties of straight-dress chinos and boot-cut chinos. And they are high in demand because of its “comfortable” feature.
  • Add These Stylish Men’s Fashion Belts To Your Closet – Your style will not be accomplished until you add a stylish belt to fetch a glamorous spark to your overall personality. There is a wide variety of belts available according to the different menswear like a casual leather belt, leather dress belt, tactical belt, woven belt and fabric belt. Talking about the high in demand shades of belts, there is a dark brown belt, black belt, blue belt and tan belt.

Fashion is not all about looking smart and dashing but comfortable too. You must be careful regarding your fashion sense while stepping out. The motto behind unearthing the secrets suggested by the men’s designer clothes stylists is making you enough aware of the latest fashion trends.

It isn’t all about clothing either. Often well-groomed men look the most stylish. Always ensure you have washed neat hairstyles and if you have facial hair, keep it tidy. Check out http://www.getshaveadvice.com for advice on how to keep on top of facial hair.

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