So you’re off on holiday. You want to set off on your sojourn feeling footloose, fancy-free and not weighed down by luggage. The trick is to pack a coordinating capsule wardrobe that can be worn in a variety of ways, taking you from day to night, from the beach to the bar and back again. So you’ll feel comfortable, dapper and well-dressed, wherever you are.     

Polo shirts mustn’t be missed

Polo shirts are a crucial ingredient of your holiday wardrobe, striking the perfect smart casual note. They’re the most versatile element of your capsule collection, looking smarter than a regular t-shirt, but equally not making you feel you’ve dressed for the office. Dickies Polo Shirts meld quality, style and practicality in equal measures; you’d be hard-pushed to find better examples.

Dapper denim shirts come to the fore 

Pack at least one long sleeved shirt with collar and cuffs, for a neat, dapper look. Dark denim has a smart, yet not too formal look, that will serve you well in numerous situations. Otherwise opt for a classic navy linen number, which will coordinate effortlessly with your other attire. Debate abounds as to whether it is best to roll or fold linen shirts, but do hang them up as soon as you arrive.

Light-weight jumper let you dress for success 

No capsule wardrobe would be complete without a lightweight jumper. Choose a natural fabric such as cotton or light wool for a smarter, dapper look than their synthetic counterparts would allow.

Cotton trousers are trim

Opt for a pair of light weight, cotton trousers, as these will prove more versatile than jeans, commandeer less space and won’t be so heavy. They’ll take you from boat to beach, bar or restaurant, without putting a foot wrong. Opt for hues such as stone, sand or khaki which will meld well with the rest of your wardrobe.      

Spruce smart shorts

Pack smart shorts, such as a pair made from chino, for those hotter days and you’ll feel sufficiently well-dressed to wear them to more than the beach. Give cotton trousers and shorts priority over jeans as they’ll serve you better in sunnier climes, and stay looking better for longer.

Boat shoes are best

Boat shoes are the perfect accompaniment to your carefully curated clothes collection, working with both shorts and trousers. Whether you’re out on deck or out on the town, they’ll keep you feeling comfortable and looking good.

Your optional extra

Pack a linen blazer for the ultimate in dapper holiday attire. It’s the perfect choice for a man about town like you. If sharp and well groomed is your aim, a linen blazer is the best way to achieve the look.

Your holiday wardrobe

So there you have few ideas for which clothes to pack for your holiday. Keep to this capsule collection, from polo shirts to light-weight trousers, and you’ll be well equipped clothes-wise for all eventualities. Plus, you won’t find yourself coming home with a suitcase full of items you haven’t worn. Now go forth and enjoy your holiday.

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