In a world where everything is mass manufactured, it becomes difficult to create a personalized statement. It is possible to find a watch that you really like, but it is impossible to get one made only for yourself.

For a gentleman, this could summon a nightmare. After all, watches are the most interesting and personalized pieces of accessories he owns. He certainly doesn’t want to find the same watch with every second man in the city. The only way out of this is getting a beautiful customized watchmade to your specifications.

But why do you need a personalized watch?

The world is focusing more and more on mass produced items that lack the hours of practice of great watchmakers from around the world. The market is flooded with good watches but they are all the same, with zero space for customization. You can always select a watch that matches your personal preferences, but you can never really find a watch that describes your true essence.

Customized watches are the perfect companion for a true gentleman. They capture the true essence of a masterpiece. The exquisite craftsmanship of a luxury watch is contained in exotic designs which are carefully constructed by the customizers at MAD Paris. Get emblematic designs and patterns carved into your luxury watch or get your name or initials engraved in the watch. Everything from the dials to the coating and finishing of the watch surface can be customized.

You will only have to specify what you are looking for and the watch of your choice will be made. It is as simple as 1-2-3. Getting a luxury watch and customizing it to your personal specifications helps you create a solid statement. Everyone will be astonished to find a piece of masterful artwork on your wrist and you can be sure to make heads turn.

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