Every so often however, a complete shift in trends is introduced, slowly or swiftly replacing one of the trends which were cycling in and out of fashion. Those individuals and companies who’ve been able to predict these trend changes or take advantage of them have been able to make a lot of money for themselves, a modern day example of which is developers and affiliate marketers who entered early into the mobile ring-tones and wallpapers space, a few years ago. Remember how it was cool to have an mp3 ringtone of your latest favourite hit or an animated wallpaper of your idol? At the height of such trends, nobody could’ve predicted with absolute confidence that mp3s would become the digital music standard, giving rise to the ability of essentially anybody to personalise their ringtones with their favourite tunes, without having to pay anyone anymore. What you can predict with relative confidence from that however is that the future of popular culture, fashion and just about everything else resides in customisation and personalisation. If you can find a way to position yourself at the forefront of this trend, we might be speaking about you as the 21st century businesses-savvy visionary for the ages.


Remember how your choice of television programming was only limited to the planned broadcasts of a few stations, or how you got all your news from the stories deemed newsworthy by newspaper editors and public broadcasters? Well we now have growing access to a range of news and television shows to choose from, disregarding anything we’re not interested in. You can now personalise and customise your mobile device or desktop’s home page to feature personalised news feeds you can check out for bingo promos, discounts and special offers if that is one of your main interests, or you can filter out any news topics that particularly disinterest you to only see what falls in line with your special interests. You perhaps only want notifications about certain TV shows that interest you, and nothing else, or you might want that in conjunction with the news of your favourite sports team. Either way, the way in which we’re accessing and consuming media is becoming more and more customised and personalised.


The same can be said for fashion; it’s becoming more and more personalised and customised. It goes beyond having a wider variety that comes with being able to shop online as opposed to only being limited to the clothes stocked in your local clothing outlet. Personalisation and customisation in the fashion and clothing industry is mainly led by celebrities who have their own clothing lines, but the average Joe can now also get in on the action with the increasing availability of tools like heat-press machines, 3-D printers and Computer-Aided-Design software.

The future (and perhaps the present) of everything is definitely leaning towards customisation and personalisation, mostly as a means through which people can embrace and display their individualism.

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