You’ve probably heard it throughout your entire life while you were growing up that “you look so much like your father” or perhaps that you “have your father’s eyes,” but there definitely comes a time in every man’s life where they catch themselves becoming and more like their father. Well those who’ve been lucky enough to have their fathers around into their adulthood.


From around the late teens to early adulthood though, most sons go through a period when they simply cannot understand how they’re related to their fathers. You start to solidify your own view on many things and at times you wonder whether it is indeed your real dad, regardless of the unmistakable resemblance. Differences between a son transitioning into adulthood and a father seem to be a natural part of evolving family life, but it doesn’t always have to be taken in a negative light. There are some good ways in which “turning into your father” can be taken, many of which are just beacons for growth and maturity, so take it with a pinch of salt, but don’t knock it altogether.

You Speak Like Him

If you have children of your own, you might catch yourself sounding more and more like your father on many occasions, using some of his phrases or one-liners which annoyed the daylight out of you, growing up. Don’t worry – raising children is enough of a challenge to bring out your inner-dad and if it worked for your father sraising you, why wouldn’t it work for you raising your own children?

You Finally “Get It”

You hold a different, more positive and refined view of sophisticated events like the Crabbie’s Grand National Day – the essence of the sport of kings, because you finally understand. You finally get what all the noise was about and a whole new world of what the essence of a rich life becomes opened to you. More of what life has to offer becomes more about the experience than anything else.

You Assume His Role

A family crisis or emergency usually makes for the most powerful catalyst to bring out your inner-dad and you may find yourself stepping up to the plate more and taking the lead in making things happen, solving problems and just making sure everything is in order. You might even find family members and extended family members coming to you for something they’d otherwise go to your father for.

You Dress More like Him

Okay no! Don’t dress like your dad…Look, a pair or two of so-called “dad jeans” are okay. I mean they’re very comfortable, aren’t they? If you dress exactly like your father though, then you need to get with the times and give your wardrobe a breath of contemporary fresh-air. Modern day dads want to look as good as they feel, but dressing more like your dad should only be taken as a metaphor for having a little bit more of his age-refined pragmatism. It’s okay if you catch yourself looking more than once at the latest model of a Volvo (a classic “dad-car”) because you’re becoming more practical. You’re becoming more like your father.

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