Your first reaction after suffering a disaster in a salon is to scream. You entered there to look great and have a better hairstyle, and you never expected to go out suffering from hair loss and bald patches. Worse, you have a burning sensation because of the chemicals used that hurt your scalp.

Always remember though that even if you scream at the people who caused the damage, your hair will never return to its original form while you are there. There is no point in being too aggressive. It is a lost cause. It is not like they will pay you right away while you are there and help you cover the cost of recovery.

The first thing to do is to take photos of the evidence, stay calm and walk away. Keep the receipts and appointment cards that you have. Remember the people who have worked on your hair and get their personal information if you can.

Immediately go to a medical doctor for treatment. Something needs to be done with your hair to ease the pain and also prevent the problem from getting worse. Ask for a medical report. You will need this later as part of the process for hair damage claims.

Never physically or verbally assault anyone

For sure, the people who have done the damage will feel sorry after the incident. Even if they indicate guilt, never hurt them. Tables could be turned, and you will end up being the one in the wrong if you try to hurt them. On their side, it was unintentional. You could sue the company for not training them well, but they are not totally liable for an accident. However, if you hurt them, it is an intentional act, and you could be liable. It could even prevent you from making any claim at all. Even bad words could be used against you. Hurting someone could provoke the others and also hurt you. This would complicate things.

Get legal help

Once you have calmed yourself down, get legal help. You can find experts when it comes to hair damage claims. You can also find laser burn solicitors if you face this kind of problem. They will make sure that you are guided from the start of the process until you get what you deserve.

They will not stop until the other party negotiates with you and gives you the amount that you are asking for. Otherwise, this could drag on for a long time and their company’s reputation could be at stake.

This is a long process, so you have to stay calm and remain optimistic.



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