It’s no secret that many modern men want to dress like England’s most famous spy, particularly with the recent instalments of the Bond franchise cementing 007 as one of the best dressed characters on the silver screen.

Bond-james-bondSo, here’s what you need to wear, drink and drive to look exactly like James Bond – be warned however, you’ll need a fairly substantial budget to dress like the spy we all want to be:


Bond is always sporting incredibly stylish tailored suits, and in both Spectre and Skyfall Daniel Craig wore a number of tailored Tom Ford suits, including the O’Connor and the Windsor three-piece, which will set you back $4,920 and $4,990 respectively (and that likely doesn’t include bespoke, tailored elements).


Bond mainly wears Tom Ford sunglasses in Spectre, including the Snowdon pair ($405) and the Henry frames ($405). He does stray from Tom Ford briefly however, wearing a pair of Vuarnet Glacier glasses in an early scene, which will set you back around $600.


As with Skyfall, Bond wear Omega in Spectre, namely the Seamaster 300 ($6,350) and the Limited Edition Aqua Terra, which will cost you $6,150.


Bond prefers Crocket and Jones shoes in the latest film, sporting three different pairs (that we could spot). To outfit your feet like 007, you’ll need to pick up the double monk Camberly mid-top boot ($713), the whole-cut Alex ($620) and the brogued Swansea ($535).


In one crucial scene Bond is seen with a beautiful Globe-Trotter Original Brown suitcase, which will set you back $1,194. Well, if you are going to be spending a fortune on clothes and accessories, you can’t be carrying them around in your old backpack!


Bond is famous for his love of vodka Martinis, and in Spectre he’s seen reaching for Belvedere Vodka, with a bottle of the 007-branded Polish vodka costing around $30.


Bond is seen in a stunning Aston Martin DB10 in Spectre, but unfortunately only 10 were created, and they were all made for the film. So while you can’t actually buy one, you might be relieved once you hear the $4.6 million pricetag quoted by Q to create the prototype.

So if you’re feeling a little flush this month, one serious shopping trip and you’ll be looking like 007 in no time!

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