How many different devices do you use on a daily basis to watch videos? Nowadays that could be as many as four – with most people using their TV (and DVD player), smartphone, tablet, as well as computer to do so. If you would like to transfer your videos between these devices then you should definitely look into optimizing them so that they are compatible, look good, and don’t take up any unnecessary space.


To optimize your videos manually, you would have to know enough about video formats and settings to adjust the resolution, frame rate, bitrate as well as the video format and codec. Not only would you need to understand how to adjust these settings, but you would also have to know what format and settings to use for each of your devices.

Rather than go through all that however, with Movavi Video Converter there is a much easier alternative. Using it all you need to do is:

  1. Add the video by clicking ‘Add Video’.
  2. Expand the ‘Convert to’ list and select one of the presets that are available.
  3. Click ‘Convert’ to convert and optimize your video.

Each of the presets included in Movavi Video Converter will help to automatically optimize your videos for a specific device or platform. As such you can simply select the one that applies to your device and let it handle the rest. Considering these presets include support for mobile devices, you should be covered quite nicely. Of course if you’re prefer you could use it as a MKV to MP4 converter, or to convert to any other formats directly.

If you want you could take a few minutes to try out the other features in Movavi Video Converter too. Some of them will let you edit your video by cutting and combining video segments, cropping or rotating the video, and enhancing the video quality, while others will enable you to create animated GIFS from video clips, grab screenshots from videos, or extract the audio from your videos.

Although you may not require these features right now, they will certainly open up several interesting options that you could choose to pursue at some point or other. Whether you’d like to create cute animated GIFs to send to your friends, or grab part of a movie soundtrack and turn it into a ringtone – the ways in which the features of Movavi Video Converter could prove useful are close to endless.

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