Some people just seem to be exceptionally good with finding perfect gifts. For the rest of us, finding presents for impending birthdays, anniversaries or other celebrations can be a cause of severe stress. The gift is supposed to show your thoughtfulness and appreciation, so finding the right one is important when someone as special as your father, brother, best friend or partner is to be the receiver. Sometimes the type of gift that you decide to buy could be based on how you want them to react. Design Your Own Bobbleheads is a great idea to consider when you want them to laugh until it hurts, or if you know for sure that they will find amusement in it and display it proudly in their home or office. Others may want to be gifted something that is sentimental, so a lot of thought needs to be required to find the best solution. Below are some practical gifts that can be given a special and considerate touch through some basic personalization. These customizable gifts are guaranteed to impress.

Tool Box

Most households have a some form of toolbox lying around. It may be rusty and metallic of plastic and dirty, and its contents jumbled up in disarray. Few people care for the art of storing tools properly – but the pride that a fine toolbox bestows upon its owner tends to change that. Whether it be a mechanical tool box for the garage, or electronic tool box for inside the house – it should be durable, practical and aesthetically pleasing. A high quality tool box also makes for a great gift in that it is highly customizable.

Make the box with your own two hands in the spirit of DIY, or simply have the gift receiver’s’ name painted or carved on a ready-made box. If you grew up with a Dad that was always fixing stuff around the house, or if your partner likes to fancy himself something of a handyman, then this will make for a practical and special gift.

Alternative: Even if he’s not the DIY type, everyone needs a hammer, screwdriver or good carving knife lying around the house. Any one of such tools can have a personalized handle that will make for a unique gift and excellent talking piece.

Poker Set

Sometimes poker nights are planned, at other times a poker game is spontaneous. In either case, poke always makes for a good time (providing you don’t gamble away something too important). Unless your special one is an avid card player, chances are that the only poker set he has lying around is the cheap metallic kind you can find in a million stores. This standard set, however, is nothing compared to the beauty of a hand-crafted poker case and high quality chips.

Decent poker sets come in different sizes and shapes, made from wood or leather, the inside often laced with sleek fabric. Order a personalized poker set that suits the taste and style of whomever will receive your gift. It will be a wonderful item to have on display, and stir up conversation at the next poker night.

Alternative: Not everyone prefers poker with their opponents sitting at the same table.

If the receiver of your gift is more the technological type, then treat him to a paid subscription to an online poker site or perhaps a buy-in to an online poker tournament.


Whether the man for whom your gift-shopping dresses up smartly on the regular for business, or whether he gets his suit out only for very rare occasions – owning at least one special pair of cuff-links is important. Fortunately, it’s easy to get customized cuff-links online, whether it’s ingrained initials, your own design, or a photo print. Furthermore – you can order the type of cuff links that best suit your budget, seeing as the customizable type can range in price from fifteen to a hundred dollars.

Alternative: If you know of a photo that will make for an excellent customized gift, but want to see the receiver wear it more often than he might typically wear cufflinks, then get it printed as a tie or a photo necklace instead! It’s easy to order a custom-print them online for a reasonable price. You could take a peek at websites like MadeMine and others who can offer similar services, if you are looking to Create Customized Gifts for your loved ones.

Drinks Shaker

Some parties call for mojitos or other shaken cocktails. In these scenarios, a cocktail set comes in handy. If his shaker could do with an upgrade, then why not treat him to a shiny new shaker with his name or favourite quote engrained? Customizable drinks shakers are available at sites like or

Alternative: If he prefers his favourite drinks straight on the rocks, then apply the same concept to a glass liquor or spirit bottle. This will look considerably more stylish than a branded bottle – especially if stored inside a drinks cabinet or on an equally decorative table.


Short on dough? Then use dough of a different kind to make a customized pizza! If you’re not in a position to be buying fine quality poker sets or cufflinks, then show your appreciation by crafting your gift from hand. Everyone loves pizza – and everyone has their own favourite toppings. The base for a pizza only calls for dough, tomato sauce and mozzarella – three ingredients that hardly add up to $5! your special one to the pizza of his dreams, with his name spread out in topping ingredients.

Alternative: If you’re planning a low-budget and edible gift for more of a sweet-tooth, then apply the same concept to a cake! Keep in mind that many pizzerias and bakeries are happy to customize these food items for you, if the kitchen isn’t your natural habitat.

Every little bit of extra thought and effort that goes into your gift is sure to make a huge difference. Whether you’re presenting the gift to your Dad or best friend, any one of the above classic-gifts-turned-personal will put a smile on their face.

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