You might already have special club ties that are presented to each new member, but you might not have thought about including a custom club tie clip. It isn’t for everyone, but there are plenty of reasons to think about it.

  1. Keeps the Tie Tidy

Tie clips can bring an extra dash of style to your outfit, but their main purpose is to keep the tie straight. That’s idea when you’ll be at work all day and need to maintain a professional appearance, but it’s also great in a club environment. You’ll often be eating or drinking in a club, so it helps to have the two parts of your tie properly connected together to prevent them swinging loose and getting in the way.

  1. Enhances the Ceremony

Presenting someone with a club tie should be something of an occasion. Okay, it’s never exactly going to make the national newspapers, but it’s probably going to be an event that your new member will remember. To give the presentation a little more ceremony and make things feel a little more special, add a complimentary custom tie clip.

  1. Provides a Spot for Personalisation

Many people dislike having too much printed on a tie, feeling that it makes them look a little cheap or ‘novelty’. With a tie clip, you have a spot for customisation that won’t be visible across the tie itself. It’s simple enough to have to clip engraved with the name of your club, but you might also get a little more personal. Perhaps you could engrave the tie clip with the surname of your newest member and the date of the presentation?

  1. Helps Your Club Stand Out

Even forgetting about the reasons listed above, a tie clip is a great addition simply because it marks your club out. After all, there are plenty of clubs that present their own custom ties – far fewer go the extra mile by presenting a custom tie clip at the same time. The extra cost is negligible, especially considering the prestige conferred upon your club.

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