Typically, when you think of fashionable clothing for the gym, you would usually associate the items with women – but these days, men are starting to take more interest in how they are dressed in the gym too! There are a number of different trends which men can now follow to ensure they look good in the gym, so take a look below for some gym outfit ideas.


When it comes to the top you wear at the gym, you will want to choose between a t-shirt, vest or hoodie. With the t-shirt, you want to make sure that you leave enough breathing room for when you’re getting sweaty and down to some hard work. If you’re wanting a t-shirt which will make sure you’re looking stylish when you’re working out, then it can be a good idea to go for a long sleeve one.

If your gym is outdoors, or if it happens to be warm a day – then a vest can be a good choice. When choosing a vest, you will want to stick with darker tones, as these help hide sweat marks and will go better with a wider variety of bottoms. Moreover, you can explore mens muscle fit vests to show off those muscles that you have worked hard to build.

When you’re wanting to wrap up, then a hoodie is the best choice for the gym. You can go with the classic hoodie and wear it with a pair of joggers. But it can be a good choice to go with zip-up hoodie, as this allows you to open it up and let some air flow in when you get too warm.


At the gym, when choosing your clothing for the bottom half of your body you should wear a pair of shorts or joggers. These will make sure that you can move around freely and will not be restrained when you’re in the gym.

When you are wearing joggers, there are a few variations you can go for in term of the fit and colour, but skinny black or grey joggers would probably be the best bet. Also, joggers are probably best when you’re not planning on doing much cardio at the gym because your legs can easily become sweaty when they’re covered with joggers.

The options with shorts at the gym are fairly open. The only thing you should try an avoid is wearing shorts which are too short. One because they don’t look that good, but also because they don’t offer much freedom with movement.

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