At the risk of sounding overly-motivational (I mean I’m not one to attend purely motivational seminars or read / watch overly motivational material, let alone be the one dishing it out), I’ve come to learn through personal experience that half the job or half the challenge is completed and won by simply dressing up, putting your game face on and just showing up! This applies to pretty much all areas of one’s life, whatever task or challenge you’re faced with.

You’ll Never Win the Lotto if You Don’t Buy a Ticket

ageWell it doesn’t have to be lottery itself, but rather just the principle behind the saying that one who never even bothers to buy a lottery ticket can never expect to win it. If we’re to take it a bit literally, then perhaps the lottery itself isn’t the best bet purely because of the insane odds stacked against you or anyone else trying to pick out the right numbers. The focus should rather fall squarely on something like playing slots online for real money which offers much, much better odds of winning. Not only that, it makes for some good fun as well, with the online slots equivalent of “buying your lottery ticket” equating to something like first going through a Paddy Power casino review: get 1st Deposit bonus and free spins. Once you’re acquainted with how everything goes and you even have some free credits to try your luck with, you can effectively get the ball rolling with the hope of walking away with some great wins, all while having fun and enjoying the games.

Using Opportunities to Learn

imageLook I know the education system kids are forced to go through appears to still be stuck in the industrial age, but the power of basic education resides in exactly that — getting the basics so that you can build upon those core fundamentals. So yes, seizing a new opportunity to learn is indeed part of our nature, as is evident through a growing child’s insatiable desire to try everything out while asking “why?”. Seizing a new opportunity to learn can also open you up to a whole new world of opportunity as well though, as I personally came to discover that I had quite the talent for predicting sports results.

I guess it’s perhaps that missing zing I might have wondered whether it even existed, because it’s otherwise hard to imagine anyone being passionate about numbers, being an accountant and all. I was drawn to learning about the process of betting on sports and I came across a review which granted me access to a deposit bonus, so I could try my luck with some free credits. Now I analyse the weekend sports for some good extra money as well!

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