Gold and silver have been the stars of the gala attire, with gems and diamonds also popular. But not everyone can pull off the simplicity and glamour that pearl accessories can offer. It’s not that hard to pull off something as elegant and as simple as wearing pearls, but poor taste in wardrobe palette could leave you as an eyesore or something to nit-pick about on the occasion.

Since pearls are delicate accessory pieces, it’s best to use them when it counts. If you have been coveting pearl accessories for a while now, you might find some jewelry of your liking at stores like Nelson Coleman, that provide antique jewelry in baltimore. You could look around for pieces that you like, and style them with appropriate attire. Pearls are for special occasions, and if you’re attending such an event, you’re sure to look your best by looking sleek and formal without drawing too much attention to yourself with the help of some of these wardrobe choices.

Business meetings

The first impression is best when it comes to the corporate scene and dressing up for business is a skill that is a must to be mastered. There is a very narrow area of stand-out attire choices that let you become noticeable but not extravagant, balancing both being attractive and professional. Your work attire reflects who you are and what your work ethic is. A business meeting calls for the classic businesswoman pencil skirt with an optional blazer on top, sprinkled on top with a dash of pearl earrings with a matching pearl necklace to give your figure accent.

Engagement parties and weddings

Being around family and friends lets you have the liberty to show off your fun side, but not without style. Engagement parties are still a social event but since they have a certain oomph of formality, you get to wear something smart casual such as a vibrant cocktail dress. Traditionally, weddings are events with lots of black and white, with the bride and groom having their own tone of black and white to match the colour scheme of the event. Complement your dress with your choice of a branded Claudia Bradby Jewellery baroque pearl necklace for texture, and you will have yourself an outfit that won’t take away the spotlight from the star couple, but one that will also give a dash of colour and dazzle to the room to give it more of a classy feel.

Christmas parties

Christmas parties are easy to dress up for as the colour scheme is laid out for you, and the season’s colours are of course red, green, and pearl white. As an event that happens only once a year, it’s no surprise that everyone will try to look their best. Put the spotlight on you by dressing in a simple cashmere dress that gives a strong contrast with its patterned texture to the clean and uniform design of a pearl necklace. Office Christmas parties are a lot trickier to dress up for as formal attire might force you to wear something corporate, but pearls can still go well as bangles or earrings to give a nice highlight to your usual office look.


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