Custom ties are surprisingly versatile and can work well at a variety of different events and occasions. There are, however, a few guidelines to follow when selecting the tie for the event.

  1. Wedding

Weddings are great celebrations that allow those attending to express themselves with some vibrant colours. As a result, we advise finding colourful custom ties to go with your suit. Bright paisley and check patterns are very popular as are single coloured custom ties in bright shades.

TIP: when attending any event in a suit and tie make sure you match the width of your custom tie to your suit lapel.

  • Funeral

Funerals are sombre occasions where many are wearing smart yet muted clothes to show respect to the departed. Here we recommend sticking to a black silk tie or charcoal grey. This is also a good occasion to wear a black suit. You can go with a black custom tie with a pattern, however, make sure it is minimal.

  • Job Interview

Getting across a great first impression is crucial in a job interview. Dark blue custom ties are our favourite here as they help you convey trust whilst also working well with a variety of suit and show combinations.

If you don’t have a blue tie at your disposal, rest assured most colours will work well. Try to avoid knitted ties as they are normally reserved for more casual occasions.

  • Business office wear

Once you have got the job, you may find yourself in a workplace that requires business dress. The good news is that you can get good value out of those Christmas ties by incorporating them into your wardrobe. The bad news, you will have to watch what you wear.

Here we recommend going with custom ties that are slightly more understated than you would see at a wedding. Stripped and dark floral-patterned ties both work well in this environment.

Whilst ties add a great dimension to your outfit, you have to ensure they are well made. Check the stitching and printing, an expert tie manufacturer will have both of these bases covered and stock a wide range for quality custom ties.

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