The wedding suit is perhaps the most important suit you will ever wear and while most people focus on the dress, it’s just as vital for the groom to find the perfect suit for himself and his groomsmen.

There are many more things to think about when choosing a suit for a wedding compared with choosing a suit to wear to work – although the right cut, quality and fit are still equally as important. It can be hard to find something which flatters the wearer and fits with the venue, which is why some people opt to have custom wedding suits made especially for the occasion.

Here is a quick guide to choosing the best suit for a wedding:

  1. Hire or buy

The first thing to decide is if you are going to hire a suit or buy one. If you are going to buy your own suit you also need to decide if you are going to have it made or just buy it from a specialist store. You can start your search online by going to sites like Dobell or other similar sites that offer this kind of clothing.

Whichever way you decide to go it’s important to make sure your wedding suit is a perfect fit and if you buy off the peg or hire, it’s still worth paying extra for alterations to ensure the suit at least looks as if it were made for you.

  1. Which kind of style

The style of wedding suit you opt for will largely depend on the type of wedding you are having. The two usual suit types for a groom are a traditional morning suit or a lounge suit so it’s important to know which you are going for.

If your wedding is very formal then a morning suit will be more appropriate, whereas a summer garden party style wedding would be better with a lounge suit which is still smart but cooler and slightly more casual.

  1. Which colour to choose

Most weddings have some kind of colour theme so it is important to match your suit accessories to your chosen wedding colours. For example, if you are having a suit with a waistcoat then the waistcoat and tie might be in the wedding colours.

Once you know the wedding theme you can choose a suit which complements it. It’s also important to think about the type of fabric you want for your suit, which will be partly dictated by the season of your wedding.

Another important decision here is to decide if the fabric will be plain or if you are going to have any kind of pattern within your suit. For example, are you looking for something like a light herringbone suit or would a tweed suit might be more your style? There are so many options when it comes to fabric and designs!

  1. A suit to fit your wedding venue

Another element to consider when it comes to choosing the best suit is where you are getting married. If your wedding is in a cold castle in the winter for example, you will need to select a very different suit than one you would wear to get married on the beach in the summer.

  1. Choose the right fit

Make sure your wedding suit fits your perfectly, after all you want to look your best on your big day. Check trouser length and make sure your jacket isn’t too big or too tight. Your suit needs to look made to measure even if it wasn’t.

A suit that is too big will swamp you while one that is too tight will be incredibly uncomfortable to wear all day and will not look flattering in your wedding photos. When buying your suit make sure you allow enough time to get alterations made if needed so you can rest assured your suit fits perfectly on the day.

  1. Pick the right shoes

Whichever type of suit you choose you should look for a stylish dress shoe which will largely be a black leather lace-up shoe. If your suit is dark and formal then go for this type of shoe every time to achieve a formal, high quality appearance.

If you are getting married in a white suit on the beach then you might need to consider alternative types of footwear which work with sand, however, in general, you can’t go wrong with a classic black shoe.

  1. Choose the right tie

A silk tie is the perfect choice for a wedding, ideally in the colours which match the wedding theme. It should also be matched with the colour of a pocket square if you have one and with your waistcoat if you have opted to wear one.

Often wedding parties will co-ordinate ties so make sure your groom’s party are all happy with the colour choice and all have the same tie on the day.


Choosing the best suit for a wedding is a big decision and you should allow yourself plenty of time in case of alterations. But once you have the colour, style and fabric choices made, there is no reason why you won’t find the perfect wedding suit tailor made just for your big day.

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