You cannot spend every night out with the lads in bars and clubs, but this does not mean that socialising at home needs to be any less fun. If you are planning a lads’ night in for the near future, then it is a good idea to have some ideas up your sleeves to keep everyone entertained.

Film night

There are thousands of incredible films just ready for you and your mates to watch. A horror film night is a fun idea to get the heart racing. If you are all nursing a hangover, then opt for a movie that is not too mentally challenging, such as Jurassic Park. You could also go for something that no one in your group has seen before. Have a look at a list of underrated or cult films to try and expand your horizons, or you could just watch The Return of the King for the tenth time.

Game night

If you and your friends are in the mood to play some games, then there are loads of options available, from video games to board games. If you decide on video games, then well-known titles such as FIFA and Mario Kart are always winners. You could also consider less popular games that will provide a fun evening, such as Rocket League, a car football game, or Nidhogg, a violent 1v1 fencing game. Figure out which consoles are available to choose from and make your decision based on the compatible games.

If you do not want to stare at a screen, then board and card-based games can be an enjoyable time for all. You could go for classics such as Monopoly and Pictionary, but there are also so many new games to choose from. Cards Against Humanity is a party game for adults that involves filling blanks in sentences with cards from your deck in the funniest ways possible.


A poker night is always a fun way to spend an evening with the lads – unless you always lose. Getting your mates around the table to win some money from each other can either be a nice bonding experience or a way to create light-hearted fissures in your friendships. Either way, the game is entertaining. If you do not want to limit your casino game fun to poker, then you could do some online gambling with your friends by logging onto an Internet casino

Dinner party

Why not learn something useful by expanding your cooking repertoire? A dinner party will let you show off your cooking skills to your mates. If you plan in advance to take turns hosting a dinner party, then you can learn a new dish to impress the lads with. You could even go full-on Come Dine With Me and rate each other’s meals and after-dinner entertainment based on a total score of 30. Sometimes though, the idea of cooking for six grown men can be a bit daunting, so if cooking isn’t your forte, get the boys round for a takeaway from somewhere like This way, you can all choose what you want to eat, and it means less washing up for you! Winning.

If you and your friends are growing bored of going out all the time, then a fun night in can remind you of the joys of relaxing and saving some cash for the future. It is also healthy to give your liver a rest every so often.

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