Unless you are particularly fond of shoes, chances are that shoes are not the first thing you think of when you’re thinking of fashion. Still, finding the right shoes is even more important than choosing a pair of pants or a shirt. Shoes have the important function to help your feet to support your entire weight. You can get a new pair of shoes at Koi Footwear. You can read honest reviews of Koi Footwear here. In case you want some help choosing the right shoes, we have assembled a list of shoes every woman should have in her wardrobe.

A Pair of Boots
Boots are indispensable in winter. They are long, warm and often stuffed with a soft fabric. They keep out the cold winter weather that otherwise would enter the small room between your shoes and trousers. Some might prefer ankle boots while others prefer boots that are knee high or even over the knee. But you need to have at least one pair when winter strikes and it starts to freeze. They will prevent you from getting cold feet.

Trainers and Sneakers
There was a time that trainers were only worn by sportsmen and sportswomen. That time is over and trainers have entered the regular wardrobe. Now there is hardly anyone who does not have at least one pair lying around somewhere. There is a reason why that happened: sneakers are comfortable and – assuming they are the right quality sneakers – yet sturdy shoes. You can wear them for hours and still they fit like a glove. They will support you when you need to make a run for the train or bus and are still supple enough for a shopping spree. They are a popular type of shoes and not without reason.

High Heels or Wedges
Comfortable shoes are important, but they won’t match your dress, skirt or other formal attire. You need some classy shoes for a party, business meeting and formal event. Those occasions require some formal shoes. These shoes are not necessarily stiletto heels or platform heels, especially since some people just can’t wear high heels without ruining their ankles. In that case, some wedges or even classy ballerina’s might do the trick.

Flat Shoes
Everyone needs a proper pair of sturdy flats for a regular day at work. They may be lace-ups, wedges or sandals, as long as they are flat. If you have to work 8 hours a day, you don’t want to do that on heels and boots too are not always the best choice. A pair of flats should, therefore, be a permanent addition to your shoe collection.

Sandals and Slippers
In summer, all of the shoes we mentioned are too hot. Sandals are a better option in that case. When you search for a pair of sandals, quality is even more important than when you look for any other type of shoe. Even though they are, for the most part, open shoes, they still need to provide enough support to avoid blisters and other feet-related issues.

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