With all the brands available on the high street these days, it’s really hard to find something that a bit different, but won’t cost you and arm and a leg!


Luckily, 2016 has seen a boost and revival of independent menswear brands popping up – all offering their one unique take on menswear. Here we have a quick list of the brands we predict will grow in 2017 and become big names. They’re all affordable, on trend, and offer something that little bit different form the standard high street collections.

Boy London

Boy London has stood the test of time after they launched in London in 1977. They are however set to blow up next as they expand globally. The key to their success is their offering of relaxed sports luxe clothing with a youthful street style. Check out their oversized sweatshirts and t-shirts that feature their symbolic logo, or their relaxed tailor jogging bottoms for the ultimate off-duty wardrobe.

Criminal Damage 

If you’re looking for streetwear that’s understated, but recongnisable, the Criminal Damage is the brand for you! Founded on the vivacious streets of East London, Criminal Damage bring collections of simple yet effective streetwear for the urban gentleman. They effortlessly present a collection of ready to wear pieces featuring lighthearted quotes and graphics, meticulous prints and skillful detailing. Criminal Damage is for sure the go to label for effortlessly cool and current street style in 2017.


Minimum are one of the many Danish brands spiraling to success by keeping things plain and simple. The brand name says it all really – this brand is all about embracing the ‘less is more’ mantra’.  Their clean take on classics delivers some fresh minimalist wardrobe staples for 2017. Their crew neck jumpers and oxford shirts will give you wardrobe the freshening up it’s been waiting for.

Beyond Retro

Another super cool, diverse and vintage London-based shop, Beyond retro has boomed in the last year. They have now opened 10 shops in 13 years – and the website stocks a wide range of eccentric clothes and accessories carefully selected by their vintage experts. It’s become extensively popular in the UK and Sweden, and is set to soar in 2017!


Folk disregards catwalk trends and ‘fast-fashion’ fads, and instead concentrates on fine tuning what we already have in our wardrobes! Simple basics in muted tones mean a few stable pieces from Folk and you’ll transform for whole look. They’ve grown slow and steady, but will some fresher pieces and delicate styling, we predict 2017 being their year.

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