One doesn’t have to commission an extensive study to reveal how offices have been transformed over the years.

No, we’re not referring to the dual monitors and other higher-tech factors that come to play. Instead, the purpose of today is to dig into office culture, and highlight the rise of the informal office.

If we were to wind back the clock a couple of decades, turning up to work in a suit and tie was the absolute norm. Nowadays, at least in some industries, this is the type of attire that would raise more than a few eyebrows.

Bearing this in mind, in a bid to fit in with the new, informal office trend, we’ll now take a look at some tips which can help you along your way. There is a fine balance to be had between informal and going over the top, so today’s article will try and strike the balance accordingly.

Make an impression with your shoes

You don’t have the sharp suit to fall back on, so it’s left to other options to try and wow fellow employees and potential clients.

This is where your shoes enter the picture. The rest of your outfit might be casual at best, but place extra emphasis on your shoes. This footwear from will do you endless favors – and show that you mean business whilst still retaining the casual-factor.

Jeans are OK… to an extent

If you were to analyze most casual offices around the country, there would be some patterns. One would be around denim and suffice to say, jeans are probably going to be the most worn garment out there.

At the same time, exercise caution. Jeans are completely fine, but as soon as they start having rips (intentional or not), it starts to become questionable. Frayed edges are another no-go area and if anything, you need your jeans to be smartly put together without any quirks.

Leave the t-shirts with messages behind

As we all know, we’re in the era of t-shirts with blatant messaging on them. Such t-shirts are fashionable, but there’s a time and a place for them.

Suffice to say, as the tone has probably already suggested, the office isn’t a place for them. Even if you’re convinced that the messaging in question isn’t offensive, try to avoid these garments as it’s going to be drawing attention to your outfit for all of the wrong reasons.

Your jewelry makes a difference as well

Finally, let’s talk about jewelry. As most of us have come to realize, this is a crucial piece of the jigsaw when it comes to your final outfit. Accessorizing is key, and this is undoubtedly something you need to tap into with your outfit.

However, there are limits. This jewelry needs to be inconspicuous at best and most definitely cannot clang around or blind others because it’s “too much”. Subtle is key here – use jewelry to your advantage, not to take away from your outfit.

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