Late summer weekends are perfect for romantic dates, aren’t they? The days are still quite long, the evenings are warm, there’s really no reason we’d stay home. But when you think of a date what’s your first connotation? Candle lit dinner or a movie night, right? We all love going out for a fancy dinner from time to time, but aren’t you already tired of playing the same scenario over and over again? Sometimes we just need to do something totally different and unusual. If you feel tired of your dating routine, maybe you should try these ideas out. Thinking outside the box is awesome and can bring us amazing memories.

Picnic in a park

It’s such a pity that we don’t go on picnics that often anymore. There is nothing as romantic and relaxing as a picnic somewhere in the countryside. Make good use of summer and invite your man to a great outdoor party. Prepare your picnic basket, feel it up with delicious bite-size sandwiches, fresh fruit and wine. Wear a romantic dress and just let him take you to a nearby park or beach. But remember, you are on a date, so don’t forget to wear some sexy lingerie. Romantic dresses go perfectly well with a girly lace bra, adorned with ruffles and matching open crotch panties. You can also feel sexy and seductive in a wire-free bra made of sheer lace and mesh fabric.

Watching the stars
Sometimes it is great to take initiative and surprise your man. Tell him that you are going out on Friday night, pack some snacks, warm blanket and take him on a ride. It will get even more mysterious if you blindfold him, so he can’t get any idea where you guys are going. Drive to the beach or to a hill located outside city limits. Take him by a hand and walk him from a car to a place where you can throw your blanket to watch the sky. Let him feel with his hands that you are wearing some sexy lingerie under your casual outfit. Let him feel the silky touch of satin panties or a lacy baby doll chemise. If you’ve got doubts like ‘Do men find lingerie sexy‘ or ‘what lingerie do men like’, try wearing one and see how your man reacts the minute he sees you in it. His imagination will be skyrocketing and such a date will stay in your memories for a long time. Spend the whole night there, just watching the stars and cuddling.

Indoor fun – Watch a horror movie
Clinging to your partner while watching a horror movie is something that can spice any date night. You can cuddle with your partner, put an arm around her, and create a deeper sense of intimacy. The best thing is these actions will not make you appear like a creep. In fact, you might not have known this earlier, but watching horror movies can give rise to fear and release a chemical in the brain called Dopamine that can make humans feel more attracted to each other. So, if you are up for trying something unique to grow intimacy in your relationship, then watching horror movies could just be the thing for you. (Note: You can check out hellhorror and its likes to find a list of upcoming horror movies that can be watched with your partner)

Activities in the outdoor
Who said that dates can only happen in the evening? How about spending the whole sunny day outside and making it into a date? If you both like sports, you can spend time actively, hiking, biking or sailing. Do whatever makes you happy. Endorphins that are created in our bodies during physical activities make us relaxed and boost our energy up. We are smiling more, we are nicer to be around. If you think you are not a sporty type, but your partner is, maybe it is time you tried joining him. There is a chance you will like it. After all, is there anything better than doing cool things with the man you love? The things that make you both smile? Being active does not mean you can stop being attractive and seductive. Choose some sexy lingerie to wear under your fitness clothes. A slim and fit body looks ultra-sexy enveloped in feminine lace or silk underwear. Ideas for great dates with your loved one are endless, inspiration can be found literally anywhere. Just open your eyes, open your mind and go with the flow. Sometimes you can find great inspirations for a hot date while shopping for sexy lingerie. Who knows, maybe you will find some useful tips under this link:

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