The season I’m specifically talking about is autumn, in case anyone is wondering, but I guess you might have probably guessed that right off the bat since the fall season is indeed perhaps the hardest season to adapt your image to. I mean how does one dress for fall exactly, without spilling over into full on summer or winter territory? I’ll tell you…

Ever heard anything about wooden watches? Neither did I until I got my hands on an ebony & copper coloured men’s wooden watch from JORD’s Dover series of unique men’s watches, but this particular design forming part of a specific collection forms part of a much bigger product range of skeleton watches. Even the ladies can find a women’s wooden watch to match their unique style, while at the same time making a statement for the ages – a fashion statement which has eluded both fashion-forward men and women alike!

But just why is a wooden skeleton watch synonymous with the perfect fall fashion statement? I mean I’m sure there are many other suggestions for a self winding watch design that could very well come close to representing the autumn season in some or other way. This perhaps applies to women as well – I’m sure there’s a women’s watch design which is currently touted as befitting the autumn season…

Well the answer lies, I believe, in the fact that a wood watch pretty much embodies fall entirely. Think about it – the bare trees with nothing but their exposed, leafless branches and a view of the consistency of their bark which is clearer than ever. Wood watches ARE fall in every respect, the power of which observation lends all the credibility one would need to the profession I’m in, which is accounting.

In the world of accounting and particularly in my world of accounting where I liaise quite a lot with potential clients, my appearance has to depict that of someone who knows exactly what they’re doing. Someone who is in a sense ahead of the curve and sort of has a window into upcoming trends before they fully manifest and although the way one dresses is just one subtle way of doing that, it’s a very powerful way.

I think of it as sending a subliminal message saying something like “If I can manage to pull off something which has eluded many people in the power-dressing spheres, which other areas of my personal and professional life do I hold a unique advantage in?!”

Now that’s quite a lot of power to attribute to a mere wrist watch, but it is indeed the little things which come together to make up that kind of power and charisma people don’t quit know how to otherwise explain.

We live to share here at The Fashion Front, so it’s no secret that anyone reading this can get their men’s wooden watch at JORD, so too the ladies with many different unisex designs along with gender specific designs.

So in closing, I reckon the autumn fashion statement conundrum has finally been solved!

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