Mobile phones have evolved over the years from the development of flip phones to the current smartphones. The leading mobile manufacturers launch smartphones regularly. When shopping for a smartphone, you will be spoilt for choice unless you have a specific phone you intend to purchase. The companies deploy advanced mobile technology and engineering to offer phones with improved performance and designs. When choosing the desired cell phone, it is crucial to consider whether it will fit your needs. The appearance of your phone is not critical if the phone functionality is low.


Men go for more durable smartphones. With most smartphones made of glass display, men will go for safe and fit devices. For instance, when comparing iPhone 6s vs iPhone 7, the latter has an improved durability since it is water resistance if in water for up to half an hour. Additionally, it is also dust resistance. If it is easy to carry, the possibility of falling from pockets are minimal. A metallic or plastic made device is advisable to purchase. Men prefer phone size which is easy to carry rather than appearance.

Latest Features 

You will also consider whether the device is the most current phone on the market. Depending on your needs, it is crucial to check if it has the latest feature you need for your business or personal use and takes advantage of unlimited mobile data plans. A phone might have a fantastic design but if it is not compatible with latest features you need you might end up buying another after a short period. The phone you purchase needs to have the software you need and has the newest technology which you take advantage of the unlimited mobile data plans to download and upgrade apps.

Design of Phone 

The phone design whether slim, rounded or rectangular among others are not very crucial in deciding what phone to buy. Men will go for black crystals or grey colour of the phone. The phone design matters only at the point of purchase or the store. Most smartphone users will buy the phone and remove it from the box before putting it in the cases.

Cases for the Smart Phones 

Phone covers improve the durability of the smartphones, and most people will fit their phones in cases. With smartphones becoming thinner and slimmer, phone covers are essential. Protective cases keep your phone safe. It also safeguards contacts, documents, and pictures. If your phone is damaged, losing all the information would occur. In addition to improved phone security, cases offer you an opportunity to customise your phone outlook. Cases present uniqueness about you. For men dark coloured phone covers display professionalism. A man’s phone will need to have top-notch performance before committing to purchase a case for long-term usage. Additionally, the colour of phone cover show class.

Phone Performance 

The performance of your mobile phone outwits the phone appearance. Additional review on iPhone 6s vs iPhone 7 reveals that iPhone 7 has a better performance due to a more abundant internal storage. Depending on the intended use of the mobile phone, a high processing power is advisable. The performance of smartphone depends on operating system version of the phone, user interface and internal storage among other factors. Men will go for phones with high RAM as compared to phone decoration. An upper storage capacity such as 32GB storage will enable you to store more information on your phone without slowing your phone’s functionality. Simple operating systems and user interface also influence you to purchase a specific model which will enable you to utilise unlimited mobile data plans available from mobile broadband providers. You will take a look at camera specifications of the phone.


Most men will prefer a phone with a longer lasting battery as compared to size or design of the phone. If your phone battery lasts long, you can enjoy your video streams, check mail and send documents longer without the need to recharge the phone or carry the power banks. The phone is more convenient to use.

The design or appearance of the phone has less influence on the usage of a mobile in men. They go for durable gadgets with high performances and installed with latest technologies and apps. Also, prefer phones with the battery which last longer. For men, the functionality of a phone is a more critical factor as compared to fashion.

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