Golf is always firstly about the game but the fashion side of it has become big business. Whether they are practising with the help of a launch monitor from somewhere like Uneekor ( or competing in a major world tournament, players wear specialist golfing clothes from top brands that have amazing technology built into them. These clothes look stylish, have clever materials to keep you cool and stretch to free up your swing. While not every golfer needs to invest in dedicated golf fashion, there are real benefits to it. But how do you pick from the many styles and variations available?

Understand your body type

The first step in getting the right golf clothes so check out the latest styles on and choose your favourites. But the real first step that applies to any kind of fashion is understanding your body type.

The aim of golf clothing is to assist you with your game but also to make you look good – this makes you feel good about yourself and boosts your confidence. So learn about your body type and what works well for it. Some classic tips include:

  • If you have a little extra weight, match your belt with your trousers to de-emphasise your waistline
  • Don’t use too many contrasting colours in your ‘problem areas’ as this draws attention to them
  • If in doubt, go for darker colours as these are more flattering and use colourful accessories to personalise your look

Understand your fit

As well as understanding your body type it is a good idea to look at your fit. Fit is a term used to describe how the clothes will fit to your body and while everyone is different, there are some good general ideas, especially when on the golf course.

Trouser length, for example. Tapered trouser legs should just touch the top of golf shoes while shorts should be no higher than the knee – but no lower than it either. Don’t be tempted to go oversized if you are trying to hide extra weight. It doesn’t work, and the extra material will mess up your swing as well.

Colour is good but so is coordination

Colour is a big fashion trend in golf clothes and that’s a good thing. No-one is afraid to wear a bright pink top or a yellow jacket now. But the key to the successful use of colour is the coordination – you want your clothes to match and have a sense of fluidity between them.

For example, if you love this bright red jumper you found, then pair it with a white shirt and shoes. Or you love these strongly coloured khaki pants – then go with a navy or black shirt to go with them. If in doubt, stick with just one or two colours or go neutral and use a bright shade for accessories.

Remember fashion etiquette

Golf courses often have rules about what you can and cannot wear on the course. But these rules aside, there are some fashion etiquette tips to follow. For example, wear a belt on your trousers as it makes the look more finished.

Don’t be afraid to use vibrant and colourful accessories like socks or a golf glove. And make sure you respect the course rules – for example, no cargo shorts, no vests and make sure that shirt has a collar!

Fashionable and fun

Getting the right golf clothes can be fun and also a great way to bring your personality to your sport. Whether you invest in high quality, specialist golfing clothes or merely adapt your wardrobe to golfing fashion rules is up to you.

But if you do it right, you will feel comfortable and stylish and it might even improve your game.

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