Men are just as fashion-conscious as women, and this fall, they have just as many options when it comes to dressing up against the cold. The outerwear collections this season will definitely delight stylish males who want to be comfortable while maintaining a strong, sharp look.


You may be in the middle of refreshing your closet to fit the trends for fall and winter. But before you shop for new clothes or discard the old ones, make sure you have a clear image of the styles and looks that you want. Here are some of the Western and Asian fashion trends for men this season:

Warm Midtones and Natural Neutrals

For fall 2016, rust and copper are the colors you should be looking for. While these metallic colors aren’t typically associated with autumn, they give off a more sophisticated tone. You can wear copper and rust shirts or outerwear, so mix-and-match your wardrobe as you please. If you think that these hues clash with your skin tone, you may want to look at the other trending colors of this season, like coffee, spruce, stone, and shale.

Military-inspired Pieces

You don’t need to be in the military or navy to sport an authoritative look. After all, most of men’s clothing is based on military wear. For this season, big names like Louis Vuitton showcased outerwear collections inspired by nautical or military flair. Expect to find many coats and jackets with details typically associated with military uniforms, such as shiny buttons, insignias, camouflage prints, and modern-day versions of the Napoleonic collar.

The Knits Return

You may have received a lot of knitted garments as a child, to the point where you decided to completely outgrow them. However, knitwear is starting to make a comeback this 2016. No, these pieces are not like the ones your Grandma used to make. Seeing knitwear out on the streets may trigger nostalgic feelings, but the designs these knits use are quite modern. Some employ basic colors and classic patterns, while others, like these knit pieces from Vogue, have graphic, memorable images.

Coats, Sweaters, and Jackets Galore

Apart from abiding by the colors of fall, other outerwear styles are also into experimenting with different textures, cuts, and prints. If you feel that double-breasted coats are too stuffy for you, you can create a more casual style by donning bomber jackets or duffle coats. For an edgier look that’s also quite practical, you can go with oversized jackets with camouflage prints.

Accessorize Accordingly
A trendy coat or jacket will take you a long way, but why stop there when you can complete the look with warm accessories? Hats and scarves, like these fluffy items from YesStyle, are still quite in this season, but you have to be sure to pair them up with complementary outerwear styles. Because of their ceremonial look, military-inspired coats and jackets will go well with formal hats like trilbies and bowlers. Depending on the material and cut, oversized jackets, usually go with beanies and newsboy hats.

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