Shorts are the simplest and most comfortable style of clothing that a man can own. However, it is also the easiest piece to go wrong with. Many men buy shorts simply because they look comfortable for summer. They don’t realize that when used correctly, it could become a staple of their fashion statement. Wondering how to wear these distant cousins of trousers? Check out our men’s shorts styling guide.

Wear at the right time

As we mentioned above, it is very easy to wrong with shorts. So, make sure that when you wear them, you have a good reason to. The ideal season for shorts is summer. Don’t sport them in spring and autumn. If the place you are going to isn’t very ‘shorts friendly’, don’t wear them. Also, make sure you never wear them when attending any formal event. Though shorts are also seen as a part of business casual in runway events, they are best left to the casuals in real life.

Never wear shorts with a blazer

Though it looks uber cool to wear a blazer, a t-shirt, and casual slippers with this piece of clothing, you are better off avoiding it in this ensemble. If you think an event deserves a blazer, it deserves pants as well. Don’t look confused and ‘wannabe’ just because you saw a style on a runway.

Focus on the length

You cannot go for anything longer than your knees. If it is, the lower becomes a high-cut pant, which is neither impressive nor fashionable. The lower garment can be right at the knees or slightly above the knees, depending on your frame and your comfort level. Two to three inches above the knees is also an acceptable length.

Don’t let the shorts be too short. If they reach the mid-thigh level, they should only be athletic shorts worn for tennis and related games. You could also wear them for running. If they are any shorter than this length, they will qualify for underwear, most specifically boxer shorts.

The fit

A loose fit will make your thighs and hips look baggier. Tight fits in shorts look tasteless and trashy. The happy medium is selecting shorts that fit straight. As your lower legs will be bare, the wrong fitting could make them look too big or too small. Keep the fitting close at the seating, giving some room for movement. The rest should be straight, precisely cut to make your legs look shapelier.

Colors, patterns, and designs

Solid colors, regardless of how bright or dark they look, are the perfect choice for everyone. They go well with shirts as well as t-shirts. Tans and khakis are all time- favorites. You can also choose emerald green, blue, navy blue and even white. When it comes to patterns, the best option is to have no option. Leave the checks and Hawaiian bold flower prints. They don’t belong.

Now that you know when, where and how to wear these elegant piece of clothing, you will be able to style yourself better. Ideally, opt for t-shirts with these half-length lowers. Shirts also look good, but you must be choosier in this regard. All set? Ready, steady, look awesome!

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