It is not always easy to find the right swimsuit before summer comes every year. From modest swimsuits, to shape swimwear, you’ve been searching long and wide for something that suits your aesthetic. The search for it becomes a real treasure hunt, because of trends changing, colours increasingly bright, and sizes nowhere to be found. This is how the week before departure to the location where you have booked your well-deserved summer holidays can become a real hell around shopping malls.

This is how the week before departure to the location where you have booked your well-deserved summer holidays can become a real hell around shopping malls. You may have booked the best resorts along the beach and have also placed your salon appointment to get rid of all the unwanted hair (from the likes of Semper Laser Miami, or elsewhere) to rock the bikini look, but without that perfect bikini set, all of these preps can go to waste.

However, you need not stress yourself, as now, you can comfortably sit on your couch this year and choose your swimsuit on HexinFashion, a website that thinks of all women from size XS to size 4XL! So here is a list of the must-have plus size swimwear for this summer and a guide on how to choose the most suitable for you!

Don’t underestimate the colour

Start with choosing the colour of your swimwear! This is indeed the essential element if you want to highlight your tan, when you are walking under the sun on the beach or having fun in the sea water. Orange can be right for you if you have an olive complexion and dark green if you have a lighter skin. These two colours will be perfect on you right after the first week of tanning! You will find a lot of wholesale bikinis on the website with the colours that suit you the most!

One Piece Swimsuits

This is most likely the choice you make each year, besides being the one that makes you feel most comfortable. Well, be aware that you will be even more encouraged to make this selection this year: since you won’t spend a lot of days at sea because of Covid-19, you can concentrate your tan on your face, arms and legs, more visible areas of your body during an evening out. It also seems to be the most popular and chosen pattern of this incoming summer!

Beach dresses made up of top and bottom

This type of swimwear is very peculiar, made up of a classic pant or shorts for the bottom piece and a long top piece to support your breast and cover your tummy. This two-piece swimsuit is high-coverage but comfortable and very nice to see during a walk along the seashore. It also allows you to concentrate your tan on your arms, legs and face.’s-apparel-0i0105045.html

More particular two-piece swimsuits

If, on the other hand, you are a lover of classic swimsuits and want a total tan, a two-piece swimsuit is the one for you. Nice to see at and to wear at any age, it is certainly the sexiest and tanning-friendly type of swimsuit you can find on the market, especially if you choose the hottest patterns of the moment. I refer to the ones with a see-through design on the hips or breasts or to those that present threads around the waist, both models that best enhance your silhouette. And then if you wear a cheap plus size lingerie with a tan achieved thanks a two-piece swimsuit, the result of the colour difference between your butt and boobs and the rest of your body is nothing short of stunning!

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