In every profession, there are specific qualifications that you will need to have in order to be considered for the job. It is a staple of every environment; if you’re not qualified, you are not experienced enough for that job. However in some professions, these qualifications are less of a clear cut set of attributes and more of a set of guidelines. The topless butler profession is one such area where your qualifications on paper don’t quite compare to how you hold yourself and how you can handle yourself in certain situations.


In fact, you might not think it, but being a topless butler certainly does require a specific set of skills, it is just often a little difficult to define them in a simple job description, or on paper. Like any job, the ‘topless butler’ profession has a number of applicants, some of which are qualified, some are less so. However, most topless butlers are actually talent scouted from business savvy head-hunters, roaming the streets for potential candidates.

 If you’re looking to become a topless butler, but haven’t yet been ‘scouted’, let us take a look at some of the qualities considered ‘top notch’ by these head-hunters, to make sure you are able to fit the bill!

Brains and Brawn
Of course having a good physique is a given for any topless butler or hen party service. If you work hard and take good care of your appearance, you are a more likely candidate for any sexy butler job. Some companies prefer their butlers to be trimmed, others may like a little beard. It all depends on what sells in terms of physical appearance, so keeping yourself well-groomed is essential.

However it is also important that you work out your cranial muscle in addition to your pecks, biceps and triceps. Many women, in fact, persons of any gender prefer a partner with whom they can engage in some passionate, intelligent conversation. If you have something interesting to say, whether it is about yourself, about general trivia or about hobbies you may have, it fleshes you out better as a person and makes you all the more likable for it.

Quick Thinking
When working as a topless butler, you might be put into some difficult or even dangerous situations. Hen parties can get quite rowdy and raunchy, so it is important that you are able to think on your feet to make the best out of any situation. While there are laws in place designed to protect those in the entertainment industry, it is also important that you know what to do in the event of an emergency.

For less extreme cases, you need to be quick thinking as a topless butler just in case your original entertainment plans don’t quite go to plan. For example; you plan on giving a cocktail masterclass to a hen party when you realise the venue does not have all the right ingredients. A quick thinker would have to then turn that situation into a positive one, perhaps by creating an ‘impromptu cocktail’ out of what is available. Ladies love men who are resourceful.

Charm not Cockiness
There is a very fine line between utter charm and cockiness and it is important that you walk this line with care. Women attending hen parties love to be charmed, but they also like to feel attractive and sophisticated. If you lay it on a little too thick, you may come across as cocky, and this can put people off.

Every party is different, so it is important that you are able to read people effectively to know when you can push buttons and when you can back down! While everybody loves a cheeky butler, it can get to a point where it becomes rude and you really want to avoid that. Try to learn to gauge each individual situation and see how to engage in playful banter, without coming on too strong or being insulting.

Added Talents
If you have any good party tricks, now is your chance to shine! If you’ve never learned how to make cocktails or how to perform a bit of body puppetry, perhaps now is your chance to get that skill under your belt. Having additional talents will help to pave your way as a topless butler. While you are partly there as eye candy, at heart you are supposed to be a top notch entertainer.

People like to be entertained throughout the night, and simply looking at a pretty face can get boring over time, especially if there is not much behind that face. Having interesting talents and abilities gives each party an added twist and is a great way of entertaining your guests. Show off those extra talents!

If you’ve read this article thinking that this job sounds more and more like your type of profession, why not give it a go yourself? Although head-hunters are always on the lookout for new talent, many topless butlers do accept applications, so why not send yours in today? See if you’ve got what it takes!

Article provided by Mike James, an independent content writer working in the events industry alongside companies such as UK based naked waiter service Butlers With Bums, who were consulted over this post.

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