For most women, looking good on the outside has a whole lot to do with looking good on the inside.  The challenge is that we are not all fashionistas.  In fact, many women do not have time to invest in learning what is in and what it out each season.  

The simple solution is a quick online search for what is popular each year.  Fashion may not be your strong suit, but just five minutes of research will enlighten you a bit on what looks pleasing to this year’s fashionable eye.

Check out a quick overview of a few of the new year’s most popular accessories, and get to work making your most fashionable outfit yet.  

Watches are here to stay

Despite the prevalence of smartphones and other mobile devices that keep time via satellites and never lose time, the wristwatch will never go out of style.  Watches are a fashion accessory that not only keeps time but represents status and swag.  

The most famous entities in the fashion world spend hundreds of thousands every year to make sure they have the most embellished wrist piece in their social network.  Start with a classic Rolex.  You cannot go wrong with the finesse of Rolex.

Transparent shoes and bags

Transparency is all the rage this year in the shape of shoes and bags.  Let us take a moment to understand just how much oversharing we all do on a daily basis via our social media profiles.  That transparency has now spilled over into fashion.  

You better make sure that your keychain is super cool, because 2018 brings in a clear purse from Valentino, a transparent briefcase at Helmut Lang, and even Chanel displays a clear boot design this season.  

Hats hats hats

The weather these days is not to be trusted, and your accessories are the most significant tool you have to protect yourself.  Hats are in this year.  Hats for every temperature or weather outcome you can possibly imagine.

Gloves cannot be stopped

Eat your heart out iPhone creators.  Gloves shall not be stopped!  Fashion has a never ending love affair with gloves of all shapes and sizes.  Elegant, long, colorful, fuzzy, and more; Gloves are the accessory of the season.

The simplicity of a glorious glove means that you do not have to spend a fortune to have a stylish look.  Even a ten dollar pair of sleek gloves can be the piece de resistance of your whole outfit.  

Ear bling is in style

For many years, gaudy earrings have not been of much interest to designers and fashionistas, but 2018 is the year of the pendulum earring’s return.  Go big, or go home is the current slogan to remember when choosing which earrings to wear this season.

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