It’s that time of the year again … summer! Time to visit the local butchers, picking up enough burgers and sausages to feed the five thousand, and dust the cobwebs off the barbeque. Excitement builds around the house, this is your time to shine, who knows, perhaps you’ve even decided to invite the neighbours across.

But then disaster strikes – as you go to light up the barbeque, you realise the gas has run out. Of course, you’ve forgotten to check on your gas tank. But not to worry! You could simply contact Nelson Propane or a supplier of your preference to get a quick refill. With that in place, you could go on to ready your grill and meats to show who’s the boss.

What can initially seem like a daunting task is simplified by this walk-through guide on how to disconnect and replace your bbq gas bottle. Not only will you have carried out the challenge in a safe efficient manner, but your hero status will also be re-established as you retake the ‘king of the grill’ position.

Disconnecting the bottle

  • Firstly, turn the regulator switch back to its off position. This will ensure any gas which is trapped within the pipeline will be used up before continuing.
  • The next step then is to turn off all the gas burners. This can be done by simply turning all the barbeque controls to the off position. Although this may seem like somewhat of a given, people do forget.
  • Once all the switches have bene turned off, you are now at the position to detach your bbq gas bottle. In order to do so, push the button on your regulator switch inwards towards the valve. The bottle should now easily disconnect.

Reconnecting it up

  • Position your barbeque on firm ground and place your gas bottle close enough to ensure that you are not at risk of stretching the hose.
  • Although you have already checked that your regulator is in the off position before disconnecting, double check before reconnecting the hose to the gas bottle. Before clicking the hose onto the bottle, ensure that any dirt or debris has been cleaned away from both the regulator and the tip of the bottle, as dirt can interrupt the gas flow and potentially be hazardous.
  • In order to attach the regulator, simply press it down on top of the valve until you hear a click. Once you have done this, the regulator should be free to move slightly around the tip of the valve. This movement ensures that the regulator has been connected in the correct fashion.
  • All you must do now is turn the black button on the regulator to the ‘on’ position – once you’ve done this, a light hissing noise will come from the bottle, which signals that the gas is flowing.

Getting things clean

Once you’ve whipped up a storm and become the talk of the neighbourhood thanks to your specialty steaks, you’ve reached everyone’s least enjoyable stage of the barbeque – cleaning up afterward.

Not to worry we’ve some top tips for getting your barbeque back to spick and span before you require it again the next time the sun is out.

Follow the simple steps above on how to disconnect your gas bottle and get your Kim and Aggie on before it’s too late. Also, check the tank to figure out how much gas is left. It is best to refill it now than wait for the next party. For convenience, consider scheduling regular deliveries from or similar sites, so that you are prepared even for a surprise party.

Moving on, to take off any burnt food, while the grill is still warm, simply stick a fork in an onion and rub the vegetable along the bars. The juices of the onion effectively act as a steam cleaner.

Everyone thinks that because the grime on a barbeque is so thick, the only way to tackle it is with a high-pressure hose. Not only is this incorrect, it can also seriously damage your barbeque. If you have a grill brush, use it, if not some scrunched up tin foil and hot, soapy water is sufficient.

Now, you’ve spent all evening hard at work rustling up burger after burger, the last thing that crosses your mind would be pouring your beer away. You’ve worked for this, but your trusty five percent side kick is actually one of the best ways to get your barbeque shining. Begrudgingly douse half a bottle on top a semi-warm grill and scrub with wire brush.

So, there you have it. A step-by-step guide of getting the barbeque set up and taken down. All you need now is some warm weather!


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