The chances are you are here looking to do more research before making that all-important tie purchase, right?

Well look no further. Here is all there is to know about woven and printed ties.

  1. Woven Ties

Woven ties are popular for traditional designs, but since technological advances in the manufacturing process it is possible to do more fashion orientated designs.

Woven ties are often the preferred choice to companies and organisations, with the ties made in a choice of polyester or luxurious silk.

Woven ties are just that – woven. This means that the threads are interlaced with each other to produce a piece of fabric of their own. This means it can be hard to achieve complex patterns in the tie. It also means the pattern cannot get lost over time.

  1. Printed Ties

Printed ties are much more versatile than woven ties and have the possibilities to achieve more than their counterparts can.

The fabric is printed with a dye, allowing you to achieve modern and stylish looks with a much greater range of colours available to you.

They are often made using screen printing and dependant on the amount of colours you use, can take a while to print. This is because with screen printing you can only print one colour at a time, which you must then allow to dry before applying the next colour.

This method may seem lengthy but it is the woven ties that are longer and more intricate to make and therefore often cost more.

With printed ties it is easy to get a pantone colour match to the one you desire as colours are mixed for each individual order.

For more information, contact a professional tie manufacturer and see how they can advise you on where to go now.

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