When pocket squares are done right, they can add a distinctive dash of style to any man’s wardrobe, but getting pocket squares wrong can simply make it look like you’re trying too hard, and a poor pick is going to be hard to live down. With that in mind, many men choose to play it safe by forgoing the pocket square entirely.

That’s a real shame. Picking out the right pocket squares to suit your style isn’t rocket science. In fact, all you really need to do is commit the following easy rules to heart.

  1. No Exact Matches

Many men new to the pocket square assume that they should pick one that matches exactly with their chosen tie. Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest errors you could make when selecting one. If your pocket square and tie look like they came as a matching set, you’re in trouble. Instead, use the pocket square to add some accenting colour or an interesting pattern. The pocket square you choose shouldn’t ever look out place. Rather, it should subtly stand out from the rest of your attire.

  1. Start Simple

As you become more comfortable with adopting certain unique styles, you can begin to make your pocket squares more vibrant and expressive and even order custom pocket squares. However, it’s best to keep things simple at first, both in terms of style and colour. Remember, even a crisp white can nicely accent a good suit, and you can then start to work in other base colours alongside classic styles, such as dots or checks.

  1. Use a Simple Fold

You’ll also want to use a simple fold when you first start wearing pocket squares. You might have seen some men creating origami-like pocket squares that really bring a touch of life to their outfit, but these are best reserved until you have a handle on things. Using a more complex fold can look a little fussy or over-styled if you aren’t careful, and there’s really no need to go overboard when you can still create a strong impression with a neatly squared fold.

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