I didn’t quite understand how a mate of mine whom I’ve been enjoying video games with for as long as I could remember suddenly didn’t quite harbour the same passion for gaming anymore – this until I also got in on his little world of learning how to code a bit. I mean I wouldn’t say I’m all the way a master hacker of any sorts, but on the back of analysing modern trends and also after it had been offered to us at work as a paid-for up-skilling opportunity, I learned the bare basics of coding since I really think it will be advantageous in the future.

So prior to that and going all the way back to primary school we’d worn out plenty a PlayStation controller with all the gaming, so too the likes of Microsoft’s Sidewinder as part of our brief love affair with gaming on the PC. You would basically come home from school and not even change out of your uniform to sample what you lie to yourself about being just one or two rounds of FIFA, but then you look up and realise it’s like seven in the evening, the parents are about to come home and you haven’t even started with your homework yet!

So if ever there was a gaming enthusiast it was definitely me…

However, as suggested by the title of this post, there was a period of time during which that passion seemed to die and this was a direct result of learning about AI (Artificial Intelligence) as part of the wider field of programming. Basically you get a window into exactly what goes into the making of the video games you enjoy for hours on end and for some reason when you can sort of imagine the how these games are coded then it takes a bit of fun out of it all.

That was only for a while however, until I discovered Virtual Reality (VR), particularly in the form of an online casino. So yes, Slotsmillion VR can indeed be credited with my rediscovery of the passion for gaming I’ve had for as long as the mind can stretch back, so it’s now more of the same really – hours and hours of gaming fun spent online, but at least this time in a more productive way.

Instead of just trying to outdo my buddy and spending lots of time completing just another season on FIFA, now we have hours and hours of fun actually playing for real money. I guess those are the perks of being an overgrown kid – you get to mix the fun you can otherwise still have as a child with something constructive, which in this case is developing strategies which make sure we at least break even on the money we spend playing online casino games.

The VR element is basically what makes it all that much more fun because it’s literally like you’re at a physical casino. The various tournaments we like to play extend the experience in that we get to interact with other gamers from all over the world.

Just like that, my passion for gaming lives on!

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