Unless you enjoy a very bohemian lifestyle, showering is something you’ll usually do alone. The problem is that you can be making mistakes while showering and there is no-one around to correct you. So here are six of the most common mistakes people make in the shower and what you should do instead.


Too long, too hot

There is no denying the relaxing benefits of having a hot shower when you get in from work but it really won’t help your skin to relax. If the water you shower with is too hot it will simply irritate your skin and it’s especially bad for people who suffer with conditions like eczema. And of course the longer you spend in the shower, the more damage you’re going to do.

But before you turn that dial the other way so that it’s freezing cold, it’s worth noting that cold showers offer no specific benefit. It’s a much better idea to wash with warm water as you’ll get that same enjoyable shower experience with making your skin suffer.

You don’t rinse thoroughly

One extremely common showering mistake is not rising soap or shower gel off your skin properly. While it might not seem like a big deal, leaving bubbles and lather to dry on your body will cause you to dry out. Make sure you clean every crack and crevice. Feet are often the hardest to get to, so using a feet cleaner is always a good idea. You won’t have to bend too much or worry about slipping and falling that way. Make sure to get all the soap and dirt out from between the toes. Remember that many traditional soaps and gels have chemicals in them that act as cleaning agents – great for getting rid of dirt, but awful if left on for too long. So ensure that you rinse thoroughly after every shower.

You take a hot shower in the morning

Nothing to wake you up like a nice hot shower, right? Well, no. If you have a showering in the morning in order to get you refreshed and revitalised for the day ahead, you’re making the wrong move. A hot shower doesn’t wake you up, in fact it does the opposite – so much so that it is often recommended that anyone who has trouble sleeping should have a hot shower before bed.

A freezing cold shower will probably do the trick but this might not sound like an ideal way to wake up unless you’re a masochist. Instead, try to end your shower with a burst of cool water.

Washing your hair too often

Some people believe that washing your hair daily is the best way to keep it in great condition. Unfortunately for most people this really isn’t the case. Once again this is due to the amount of chemicals in shampoo and the effect they have on your hair. Try to reduce the amount you shampoo to a maximum of three times a week.

Washing your scalp with your fingernails

Another shampoo-related malady here. Many people scrub their scalp with their fingernails when they apply their shampoo, perhaps believing they are achieving a deeper clean. In reality you are simply damaging the skin on the top of your head, which can cause flaking. You should use your fingertips to work up a lather as the smart alternative.

You use towels and washcloths roughly

Most of the common showering problems are to do with damaging your skin, and this is no different. Using cloths, loofahs and towels too aggressively is just another way to kill skin cells. Try to ensure you are gentle with your skin in the shower and pat yourself dry rather than rubbing vigorously.

Article provided by Mike James, an independent content writer working together with Serviced Events – a reseller of Gigloo, the most hygienic solution to facilities at outdoor events and functions.

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