Of all the things one would miss about being a kid, having what seemed like unlimited amounts of energy is definitely one of them. I mean that’s where the encouragement to have kids go out and play so that they could get rid of all their energy came from, especially if the children have had a nice sugary treat that has their veins coursing with a little bit more energy than usual — as if the usual amount of energy kids have isn’t enough. Now that one’s all grown up it appears to be impossible to get through an entire day without a yawn or two symbolising energy levels that are dangerously close to depletion.

The regular energy boosters like a strong cup of coffee or a sugar- and caffeine-rich energy drink may be effective once or twice, but by no means should these ever make for long-term, full-time solutions. Besides the fact that they’ll wear out eventually with your body building up resistance to the caffeine and processed sugar, prolonged use of caffeine and sugar as stimulants is a health hazard. Rather get your daily energy fix naturally and cleanly, with these 15 snacks featured in this infographic compiled by Citrix GoToMeeting:


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